The leaves are very light green and the first leaves are browning

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

am doing both Indica and Sativa.
The soil is organic (manure).
I’ll have to get the PH for the run off.
I am not suppling any nutrient yet. The plants are on 2nd week of veg.
The plants are in a tent. I have a 600 watt LED and 4 100 watt regular spot bulbs. The spot bulbs are to help bring the temp in the tent up a little.
Day time temp is 81, night time temp is 65
I will have to check the humidity but it is very low as I have the tent really well ventilated
I have an in line fan with a hepa filter blowing in and an in line fan with a charcoal filter blowing out. The tent is very well ventilated. Also have an oscilating fan inside the tent.
Tent in not AX, Humidifier, or de-humidifier
No Co2.
The leaves are very light green and the first leaves are browning. Ph looks like a 6.5 to 7.
Soul shows moist.
What do you think?
This pic is of my Purple Kush

Can i ask what your using to check ph and the reason i ask is this statement below

I recommend a digital ph meter anything else is just not accurate enough imo
Why dont you join us so we can help guide you
Also are you feeding her yet is so what and how much
If you can please fill this out with as much info as possible

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Several things:

Manure is too hot! It will also reduce the PH to lethal levels for the plant. Transplant into mild soil ASAP. Using something organic with no added fertilizers is your best bet. Nutrient burn is the problem now.

You HAVE to get a handle on your PH. Spend the money and purchase a decent PH meter and TDS meter along with Standard Reference Solution and PH up and down.

Develop a good watering schedule; the plants will appreciate it. Soil needs to dry out between waterings.


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Your pH may be too high and it’s blocking the uptake of nutrients like iron and others, the plant seems to be suffering from deficiencies. You should use manure to raise pH on acid soils and provide nutrients, but don’t use it as substrate in its pure form. Tansplant it quickly to good soil. Also as other felow recommended get a pH meter or pH paper. Good luck.