The leaves are still funky HELP PLEASE

Hey everyone. This is my second post regarding these strawberry cough plants. They are in coco now but we’re started with potting soil. They are under an LED lamp and I have begun giving them canna A&B as well as cal/mag. I am mixing about one tablespoon per gallon of the canna and about one teaspoon of the cal/mag. My PH is about 6.0 to 6.10 going in. My PH run off is about 7.1. My PPM was pretty high on run off the other day (around 2000). I flushed them and on my last fertilizer water it was around 860. These plants have been giving me fits for the few weeks they have been alive. Now I don’t know what this is on the leaves. Is it a fungus, lack of nutes, too much or not enough of something? They are currently in a closet and a little crowded. Going to move them out to my shed in a few days. Temps are finally pretty stable where I am. Can anyone advise? Thanks I’m advance.


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Did anyone advise you to check underside of leaves for tiny bugs last time?

Was ph out around 6 after flush?

No, nobody mentioned bugs. I have started spraying them with captain jacks. I actually forgot to check the PH after I flushed. Only PPM

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Low magnification check under the leaves would show ya. Looks like could be bug damage. Not looking like any kinda deficiency I recognize.

All in all they look good! Don’t fret so hard friend. If it’s not bugs somebody smarter than me will have an idea


Add some Epsom Salt and put some pennies in the dirt in case the mites are eating your calcium out the fan leaves :leaves:, many say Jack’s dead bug , I have to used natural or organic stuff only .