THE LAW! and the REAL experiences of seeing shit get BAD - it happens, we may as well discuss it

So, is it legal where you grow? Have you ever seen someone friend or family go down for growing?
Have you ever had a close call? Just a topic to share some real life story’s - perhaps when everything wasn’t as dreamy as it is now (in the US especially) lucky sods.


I have had the fun of doing midnight shut downs in advance of police visits I don’t live in the states mind you but Canada. We have some provinces which will burn you at the stake and others which will basically tell you clean it up here’s your fine next time don’t get caught :wink: So long as I keep under 4 plants I can declare personal use not that I keep under 4 since as far as I’m concerned in for a penny in for a pound. I apply very simple rules to how and where and when I grow first off my hydro bill I make a point the instant I rent or move to turn on every damn light computer power hungry device I own growing or not, I wean this down instant my lights are hooked up and running. Fluctuations in usage are easily noticed so I use lots of power even when not growing sets a standard. Second no tours there is nothing in my basement but cobwebs and mice :wink: tell nobody anything buy nutes with cash order items with discrete packaging. Third I don’t sell to anyone but friends and always cheaply if they want to peddle it and make a few bucks that’s their call when they ask I don’t grow just know people and buy in bulk. Good filteration since we smoke it touch it damn near live around our plants we don’t smell leaks so no such thing as overkill when it comes to filter


It’s a pretty sketchy business when it comes to getting caught, 9 months if your lucky over here, up to !@#$ing LIFE IN PRISON - but realistically… for us its not about plants, more about how much yield, if its 1kg cultivated - you may be in some pretty serious trouble.
I guess its a choice, and you have to accept its possible to get caught.

I was thinking move grow, move grow, move grow, the first sign of the popo or someone being nosy - get out of there and start again.
Until - hopefully finding a remote farm house or something, and being sorted for as long as it holds its secret.

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Greatly depends on your goals a person can easily grow 1-2 plants in same place crop every 4 months and draw no attention while meeting all personal use and covering most expenses involved. If your goal is to make a profit then you will draw attention sooner or later risk verse reward


I have been arrested for growing. If you want to read about it I will give my full name and yoy can see what happens.

If your happy to do that, I’m interested to read.

I’ve gone through operation Green Merchant (look it up) I’ve had my own legal run-ins which I won’t elaborate on, I had a major light leak and I was almost always over the 50 plant limit which would have scored me a 5 year mandatory minimum

In 12 more days my state becomes legal! and even though I have my MMJ card I can’t begin to tell you how much myself and my friends are looking forward to this …and it only took 50 freakin years of my life, that’s nothing right?

…in the seventies there was a point where they were approaching legalization, or so we all thought and then Reagan came in and his silly-assed wife with “just say no” and the witch hunt was back on

…but hey, “it takes a village”


Times truly where changin - for a little bit…
When it was a class C people where over the moon, some reckon its when skunk came out, or extremely strong buds that where “genetically altered” that made it go back to a class B.
Personally, I think its all about the money, as it always !@#$ has been… if its illegal, its worth lots more money than if it where legal. Governments are kicking themselves in the balls by not legalizing pot - I mean these days, everyone and their grandma smokes it for crying out loud.
But at any rate, make hay while the sun shines dudeee. Its quite possible to make a nice income and in a nut shell, set yourself up for life by being careful, and not getting greedy! it is a damn shame that you can still get years in prison for growing, but its about the amount of money you’d make usually - not the plant… they just don’t want people becoming wealthy without doing some generic 9-5 job. (in my opinion)
Yet id happily pay tax on my profits if it kept me out of jail! haa…

@Paranorman so how many years did you grow without being caught? got any tips for an entrepreneur?

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A whole bunch of 'em, but you’re right it’s about the money, & if you want to know the whole story Google William Randolph Hearst, my arch nemesis

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