The latest comedy of errors, or "How many ways to kill a plant"


So after the success, that’s things cleaned up and organised a bit, now having a little rest before an Auto Acid gets dropped into some water and the games begin again with a bigger pot and a new LED panel by the time she’s starting to flower.

No question about the underwatering last time round, not now I emptied the pot and the entire contents, including the hydro balls on the bottom, came out when I pulled on what was left of the stem. She could have handled being watered more often than she was. Lesson learned, but still better than drowning one.


So the Acid has popped, root about to show so is in a starter pot for a few days, looking at 3 for breaking ground as my usual, then she can have some time to come to life as I go for a 10 litre pot instead of using the 20. Weight is the reason, simple as that.

And I have all the parts for my new LED strip panel so I have some time to get that built and get some rough current and lux readings off it.

Results should be “interesting”. Watch this space.


Well, Acid didn’t make it. My fault, I think, poking and prodding to see if it was coming or not.

So another seed in water, and this time I’m hoping that, in a couple of months, I’ll be singing that I’m


And the comedy continues. I thought I had lost that Pandora, so dropped another in water. It cracked, but I wasn’t happy with how it looked so I planted it and dropped a blue cheese in water just in case.

So now the cheese has cracked and is ready to plant, but the first Pandora has suddenly appeared above ground, the second has actually developed a nice root, and that means I have to figure out how I’m going to run 3 plants instead of the intended single one.



So here’s the one I thought I lost, just a couple of days old. Once she’s a bit more established she’s going into another pot provided the other seed in that pot sticks it’s nose up soon.


Well, it’s official, the one I thought wouldn’t didn’t so now I just have to work with only two plants instead of three as the Cheese is up and awake.

Let the games begin!!


Always with the mysteries and what not :joy::joy: good luck… AGAIN


Well, here we go. First up is the Pandora, coming on fine at almost 2 weeks when you allow for being “transplanted” from the side to the centre of the pot. She’s under the usual 14.5w 6500K replacement bulb and is happy.

Then we have the Blue Cheese, around a week old, under the older model 3000K/Blurple panel, and I love the way she stretched to the light and then stopped and went wide once she found her personal “sweet spot”. So dirt was scooped up from the outside and some “reburying” happened.

One is happy.


There’s a slight difference in size. Same order, Pandora first.


And what a difference a week makes, same order with Pandora first and then Cheesy Wotsit, which is already starting to give off an odour, second. I think it’s easy to tell which one was started off under the higher kelvin LED replacement bulb…


I laughed probably a little too hard at that one :joy:

I’m just getting caught up on your journal, and man! Have you had some struggles, or what? I’m glad you got some good buds finally! Those looked great! How did it turn out?


The last ones could have been better, had a lovely smoke but I was underwatering, a typical reaction when you drown a plant close to harvest.

That sort of thing comes with experience.