The latest comedy of errors, or "How many ways to kill a plant"


Well, got me a new scope for the phone so I can see trichs better, and there’s quite a bit of cloudy going on so definitely not long.

That means one thing, what next. Thinking an Auto Acid or Blue Cheese Auto, we’ll see because I have a choice of 10 different strains, 5 auto and 5 photo, but decision to be made soon as chopping time approaches.


As said in the 20 Days in April thread, I’ve made it to the end without killing her, chopping day within 48 hours as I wait for the last few leaves to die off, nary a white pistil and everything has retracted in nicely.

And the little mentioned Snow White is at the end too, but that doesn’t look so good thanks to me having an experiment with lights. Well, she shouldn’t have lived anyway so it was worth doing something “different” to see what the results would be using 80w of 2750K CFL lighting. Got some airy bud, but plenty frosty and cloudy so although not as dense as under the LED is still a “success” in my book as it lived to the end and wasn’t a skinny little beanpole with popcorn buds everywhere.

So, a good day for me, going to have the equivalent of a couple of hundred euros of smokeable/vapable (based on €10 per g in Dutch coffee shops, or even with my black market delivery service) but there’s no value that can be put on the knowledge and experience gained.

One is chuffed as a muppet, now just to dry and cure without fungusing (is that a word? It is now) the lot up and get the room cleaned out and rearranged to suit the single 20 litre pot that the next plant will be going in.

Wish me luck.


Well, as expected, she suddenly died. All was fine last night then this morning, dead.

Cause is clear, this idiot went mad with the scissors and has a smidgen under 4oz of wet and trimmed, broken down into individual buds and in 4 nice brown paper bags.

The Snow White is done too, and thanks to it being under CFL’s I have around 2oz of airier bud, but considering it’s a miracle she survived me not RTFL and almost cooking her thanks to too hot compost so getting anything was a bit of a miracle.

So happy as, made it to the end and going by how the buds feel I may have been underwatering slightly so dry weight may be more than I think. Just have to wait and see, for now it is the critical part.


So after the success, that’s things cleaned up and organised a bit, now having a little rest before an Auto Acid gets dropped into some water and the games begin again with a bigger pot and a new LED panel by the time she’s starting to flower.

No question about the underwatering last time round, not now I emptied the pot and the entire contents, including the hydro balls on the bottom, came out when I pulled on what was left of the stem. She could have handled being watered more often than she was. Lesson learned, but still better than drowning one.


So the Acid has popped, root about to show so is in a starter pot for a few days, looking at 3 for breaking ground as my usual, then she can have some time to come to life as I go for a 10 litre pot instead of using the 20. Weight is the reason, simple as that.

And I have all the parts for my new LED strip panel so I have some time to get that built and get some rough current and lux readings off it.

Results should be “interesting”. Watch this space.


Well, Acid didn’t make it. My fault, I think, poking and prodding to see if it was coming or not.

So another seed in water, and this time I’m hoping that, in a couple of months, I’ll be singing that I’m