The last two white widow auto didn't auto!

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I ordered the 10 for 10 deal in March 2017 and the last two white widow auto didn’t auto. I have had one hundred percent germination rates so far. The problem is that four did not auto. I planted 3 outside this year and two did not auto. I started one inside August 22nd on an 18/6 schedule. 7 weeks later there was no sign of flower until I brought the lights down to 12/12. I started another November 10 and so far no sign of flower. The photo is the one I started November 10. Please advice, thanks.”




Autos will do what autos will do. It will give it more time.

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If them are 7 weeks old and no sign of flowers :bouquet: it’s not a auto plant. But maybe I’m mistaken.

I had an auto did not start to flower till 14 weeks. You can use 12/12 to kick start it.

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Wow @crazyots that is long, did you change the light schedule or they start on the 18/6?

on it’s own at 18/6

@M4ur They can go longer. My first plant went like 9 weeks I think, The three I have now flowered in 30 days…I blinked and they were in flower. My first girl produced great because she veg so long. The three I have now will be fast, but I know my harvest will suffer.


Occasionally the auto strain with still have few photo dominate genes left over and need a little help with flowering i have two blueberry autos going and have had them under 12-12 since week two and one plant is about 3 week in front of other in flowering ? Seeds Started same time same soil nutrients lights ect
It happens no worries if they flowersd late :v: