The last few weeks require patience;)


Looks great how many weeks into flowering are you ?

Fine-looking crop of buds.

7 weeks should be done in another week!

Thanks Kelly😉

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Oh so nice, THIS is the time for smell-o-vision, scratch and sniff? LOL nice work


Yours looks good, I think we’re at a similar stage. My first time growing. Can’t wait to sample them, patience for sure is needed.

Founds this white stuff on leaf not sure if it’s mould, last photo.

Is that your plant? It could be but hard to tell, also looks kinds webby

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Oh they smell amazing

Yes my plant, only found that on one bud leaf. I have found caterpillars today… When u say Webby do you think it’s a spider problem? Any advice gladly received thanks.

Could be the catapillars

That last photo does not look like mold it looks like some kind of debris or a good spider. Meanings a good spider they eat those damn caterpillars the caterpillars are what you don’t want they will destroy your plants and for some reason they will get in the main top buds… about 1/4 to 1/2 inch down and destroy that whole top bud …
I went out to my garden yesterday and have been using Captain Jack’s dead bug Brew, no caterpillars, in fact no bugs on my plant at all other than flying by land and leave but no munching Critters on my girls now the problem is this damn early morning dew that is causing Bud rot oh, because of all those dank rock-hard buds get wet and they don’t dry and they rot

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Have seen a few spiders on them, a few caterpillars so am checking carefully 3 times a day, none to be found today. Photos taken today, hunting down the amber goodness, not sure there any on the buds buds think I see some on the sugar leaves. Patience still required Lol.

Hi there! Yours look awesome. I need some advice. I’m not quite sure how long mine have left and they look similar to yours. This is my fourth year growing. Eight plants. Outdoors. This is my best

grow yet. But I’m very unsure when to harvest as they’ve never been this big or have this much bud on them and I don’t want to screw it ip in the last stage. I’d say they’ve been in the flower stage since late July. Here are a couple pics of different plants. I have three strains going. Raspberry cough, Durban poison and Hindu Kush. Anybody’s help is greatly appreciated!

They look fantastic!! It becomes a personal preference of when to harvest. Do you have a jewelers loupe with somewhere around 60x magnification? Basically when the trichromes are clear and some cloudy you will have a buzzier energetic high, the longer you let the trichromes mature the more couchlock the strain becomes. Some folks I know like to harvest when 15% of them are amber, some wait for all cloudy and barely any amber. I also would keep an close eye on your weather, as I am sure you do.

Thanks! I bought a microscope on amazon. It a Carson 60-120x led pocket microscope. Just a cheap one. So, I know I’m going to look stupid for asking, but the trichomes are which part? Lol. The crystal looking stuff? Or the white curly parts that were once purple (some still are) and are mostly white now but with one plant they are going a little brownish? I had to cover them one night this week. Got down to 39 and I got nervous. No damage, thank god. No frost. All is good as far out as end of next week. I’m in Mass. Ive been told they will go til the end of October. Do you think they have that long left? Thanks so much for your help! So glad I decided to ask someone.

The trichromes are the protective resinous glands that cover the bud. The hairs are called pistils. Look closely at the bud and sugar leaves, but the bud trichromes are all telling. Trichromes are produced to protect the plant from pests, and UV.