The Ladies Room -- not for plants!


Holy cow!! whats up 420 Girl !!! nice to see you back, Yayy !!!


Hey, @FyshhTrap! How’s it hanging, my friend? I really missed this place and all you crazy stoners. I’m STILL waiting for my kids to go back to school, but my plants won’t and I just have to gab about them.

Jeez, I wish I still looked like that 420 girl. I’m more of a 420 middle-aged girl. :grin::wink::kissing_heart:


We missed ya definetley, plants are getting big for ya! Maybe an entry in the Bud Of The Month for you soon!:seedling::palm_tree::deciduous_tree: Yayy raustins back​:heart_eyes_cat:
Ps I’m 49 so Forty something middle aged works well for me!!!


What kind of inspirational views you ask? The kind of inspiration that gives you the chills thinking about it. I wish I could travel cultivating the country or even better, the world!!

Dreams do die though, and I’m happy growing a full years supply for myself with no one to help, but all the help on ILGM :+1::grin:


That’s my goal and eventually make it to high times, I’ll make it in no time though


Good for you bro🤙I wish you the best of luck🤞

How does one make it to high times? (lol seriously tho) You enter your strain in the contest and travel to the event and get your strain judged by thousands of peope​:+1::crossed_fingers::grin::scream:


Yea something along those lines, I’m not quite sure honestly, however I’ve been working on breeding things to make it there, so far so good just need the time to get there and enter.

But when it comes to getting into high times and cannabis cups etc there are certain demands that need to be met as well as rules and so forth


I’m intrigued by this👍 I’m thinking of a few new classes to start🤙


Depending on classes I maybe able to help teach some what lol


I was thinking about classes for my certification for horticulture and agriculture :+1::innocent:


Oh well cant help you on the certification lol


Girl grower here, just found this thread.

One of the sweetest things about this forum was shortly after I joined, with my gender neutral screen name, was all the super helpful guys here calling me “bro”. :nerd_face:

I started to feel like I was misleading so finally let the boys know I’m not a bro😍


Hehe, I think I called a bro “girl” here once. Hard to tell sometimes :slight_smile:

Something like “you go girl”


I’ve been accused of calling you gals bros once or twice lol
I haven’t seen @raustin around for a while @Sl1


The threads you find when poking around the forum. Thanks @raustin. Lady grower here!


Lol @Sl1 , I’ve also been called “bro” a few times !! I’m a newbie but feeling very confident , thanks to all the helpful"Bro’s" sharing their knowledge and experiencrd !!


Sorry to be the history butt head/ wet rag…Plymouth Rock was Pilgrims, not Columbus…as someone who practically lives spitting distance from the rock and is a history buff.
@raustin also reading this because I was starting think there weren’the any other females on here…nice thread!


Whats up @gpitel? Didnt expect to find another person on here from PA. How close to philly or harrisburg?


I wish I had seen this before, not that I mind talking to the boys but seriously. Hello to all of my sisters in the growing Garden.


Hello doodlebug