The Ladies Room -- not for plants!


I assume you’re white which may have helped too. I’m from Chicago originally, I’m ashamed to read about what’s going on there with all the homicides and police brutality. It wasn’t as bad when I lived there.


Actually I’m not most think I’m Spanish but I’m actually Filipino and Italian
Look more like mom though lol Filipino side
But race my have played a role in it because One of the cops the sergeant was also Italian and Filipino lol can’t make it up bro :wink::+1::v:@DieHigh55


fit the description makes me think of me buying my son’s Infinity with tinted windows…I must have been stopped by police 5-7 times while I owned it, state and city police, and never got a ticket…the dark windows made me look bad!


Lmfao yeah I almost went to jail over tinted windows @kabongster
Got out of that too cop state trooper had me in cuff in back seat Wifey showed up started crying cop felt so bad he let me go
But he kept my one hitter
I pulled tint off then sold the car and now that I think about it I should get rid of my one hitters seems to be a theme here lmfao


I can’t tell my husband anything either. I think he’d lock my grow tent.


Oh boy don’t want that for sure hun lol


Yes, white people have it much easier when it comes to getting busted for weed. Though a few months ago I met these two young black guys getting stoned in the park and I scolded them for being so careless. Lol, I’m such a mom! But I was really worried they would get arrested, apparently, they weren’t so worried.


I wasn’t even going to tell hubster about my hobby, but it’s hard to hide a grow tent in an apartment.


Lol yeah I could see that being a problem :thinking:


Wifey just came home :house_with_garden: need to be a good hubby :wink:


Never heard a story like this before, usually its the other way around…“Why are your eyes so red, dear?” Oh, long day staring at the computer screen at work. I’ll be in the man cave shining my hunting trophies". Yeah, right!


Maybe just too stoned to be uptight about getting busted. Don’t know if thats good or bad.


My wife knows what I do she doesn’t par take in my smoking but isn’t against it just not her thing
When I said don’t tell my wife I was referring to the pat down and what not she thinks I’m to liberal with my smoking in public and tells me all the time I’m going to get in trouble lol
I hide nothing else from her just wanted to be clear I don’t lie to her lol


My husband is exactly the same way. He’s not thrilled about my hobby, but it’s the risk of getting caught that really drives him crazy. He doesn’t even want me telling ANYONE! :smile::grinning:


And here you are “flashing” anyway… hehe


LOL, I know! But I HAVE to tell someone!!! That’s why I’m so thankful for this place, otherwise I’d spill the beans. :sunglasses:


I tell people, but it’s legal. Friends only, not random people :slight_smile:


It’s legal here and only 3 people have seen my grow setup…and all family. I do remember the days of looking over my shoulder when I took care of my plants out in the wild. :fearful:


It’s not completely legal here, but even if it was I’d still worry about theft. You never know what some people are thinking.


I know what my dog, alarm system and 9MM would be thinking…