The Ladies Room -- not for plants!


I skimmed a bit of that earlier, but I’ll have to go back in there after I COOK DINNER FOR MY FAMILY!

LOL!!! No really, they claim they’re starving to death.

Be back soon, baby. :kissing_heart:


Oh, @FloridaSon, I’m almost afraid to tell you what my beliefs are.

But first, I don’t think you’re a sexist. Men and women are different, there is no disputing that, however, there are women who would like to think there is no difference. My teenage, twin girls call them “fema-nazis”, which drives me crazy.

I agree, beauty comes in many shapes, sizes and personalities… you should see my husband!

Not so sure I agree with you on the separate roles though. I mean, maybe in a perfect world things could be that way, but life is just too complicated especially for women. After all, we are the ones burdened with having the children, but not all of us are great at the nurturing part.

I do understand what you’re saying, and I don’t see it as sexist, just maybe a little naive, or optimistic. I remember when I had my kids at 35, I thought that whole mother’s instinct would just kick in, only it never did! I had to research how to be a good mom! LOL!! Maybe that’s a good thing though.

Hmm, I don’t have a problem with this. Again, it just seems to me to be a little too perfect. I do think it is possible, I just don’t think it’s possible for everyone.


I can’t speak about it as an absolute, just the ideal.

I’m one of the truly blessed when it comes to my marriage. While we disagree on some things, we haven’t had a heated argument in our 24 years.

Communication has been key. Along with the knowledge that not everything said is to be taken personally. And if a moment for composure is asked for, a moment is given.

I enjoy hearing and discussing anyone’s beliefs. Our beliefs are much of what makes us who we are. I never bought into the Masonic idea of not discussing politics or religion.

I can’t hear you if I don’t know how you think…


Funny im a male and don’t really waste my time learning on gadgets, actually study more on the plant science and plants them selves. You cant fully understand how a plant works and grows devoting your time to just gadgets and other crap that comes with growing :wink:.

Well again welcome to the forum see you around


But… but… gadgets are fun! :slight_smile:


They are but that teaches you about other aspects such as better lights, faster ways, if cloning and just basically a way to spend money, when you can do as I and @Donaldj do, which is make your own on a budget.

Granted I’m not really a rookie either so I’m not all into gadgets and other stuff however I’m probably the youngest here and that’s what counts lol, is being able to share my knowledge with all you guys (especially new comers)


Well, if I can do 1/2 as good as you guys I’ll be a happy, high, boy!


We can teach you to be just as good as us in no time my friend lol that’s what we are here for (me and other staff members) and with a bonus of saving you those frustrating mistakes


Super happy with getting my ILGM seeds. 12/12 have sprouted! Not to mention this is a great site and I love that it’s somewhat “social” as well. You get to know people and follow their stories. One big happy grow family.

:+1::+1: Two thumbs up for you guys.


Thanks man hope you enjoy it here


Hey @raustin, I’m a straight up out door guerilla grower, my grand mother taught me how to garden at a very young age,
My grows start inside for 3-4 weeks under a 3ft 34wt. CFL, all natural after that, organic nutes etc. Its All TLC after that and A lot of it, Wait till you see my next Out door grow, Ima goin Killer Big, Growers of the Treez, Mendocino style <*)))><{


I just spent $250 on fishing gear and $16 on


Just joined and have been asking a million questions. Great resource especially since I’m starting out in hydro. Good to see other girls on here! I love looking up peoples room builds and seeing all the gadgets! The ingenuity!


Well I have to reply to that lol I will go in bass pro and never leave and when I do I dread it cause i always go over board and end up spending $300 or $400. I spent over $500 on a side image fish finder I never use, mounted it on the steering box and I always fish from the front of my boat. It will be moved come spring. Then I complain about the cost of lights and don’t want spend the money. but from seeing a few of the grow results from members on the forum I decided to take the plunge and switch to leds. Other than the lights I keep things simple like I was taught growing up. I make my own dirt with help from the chicken, worms, fish remains, and etc. I add to my compost. When I scrog I will make my scrog nets out of old fencing and old boards. Repurpuse cat litter buckets into grow pots. I use old milk, juice, and oat meal containers for grow pots. Lol diy all the way if at all possible.

And @raustin to keep on the subject of the thread, most of the people I know and smoke with are women. I used to buy my smoke from a woman and have bought seeds from a woman online. I know there are several women on the forum i have seen. Just from I have seen my grandmother used to grow in their flower and veg gardens would always be better than the gardens my dad would grow. Idk if it was experience or the tlc she would give to her garden. I have heard stories about her actually growing marijuana once just because someone told her that it grew flowers and she wanted to see what kind of flowers.


@leslijnz hey how are you doing? Is it your first time grow snd from scratch to hydroponics?thats nice to read would love to try that myself but now hsving to nurture 20 Autoflowerplants later would buy hydroset and try it myself! Youre name sounds like its from europe more specific belgium,holland right?:metal: Happy Grow!


Hello @raustin. Nice to see some lady growers. :no_good_woman:t4:


Yep, this is my very first grow. I figure even if it doesn’t go the best, it will force me to learn hydroponics … And I’ve already learned a lot! As long as I don’t kill all of my plants I’ll be happy lol. I am from the U.S. I just adjusted my screen name for a bit more anonymity ya know?


I think you explained that well sir and I have pretty much the same outlook on my marriage and it works well for us
I think most important thing is respect for each other
We men and women are different and we are supposed to be
two halves make a whole :ok_hand:
And life is a stage we all have our role to play so let’s get on with it
Grow grow grow
Peace all happy Holidays


Ok sounded like it was some dutch name thats why i asked butt no problem hope all goes well with your grow @leslijnz


Lol me and the misses love to argue it means issues are not un addressed and resentments not bottled up