The Ladies Room -- not for plants!


I agree @raustin. I’m a jerk when it comes to growing… they get a lot of love… but they get way more discipline and I tend to forget about them quite often… but hey everybody has their own way of doing things …I just thought you might be able to open up my beautiful charm and parental nurturing in growing… but all hell what am I saying… I was born male so I’m pretty sure I have no choice but to be a jerk … Oh well
On a side note… My girls love classic rock…:slight_smile:



You are not a jerk. You might be certifiably insane, but definitely not a jerk, :wink: and I can’t fault anyone for insanity!

How the fck do you discipline a fck*ng plant!!! I just hope leather and whips are not involved.


You know you hope there are leather and whips involved. :wink:


Well honestly a lot of plastic string and clips… they kind of resemble little handcuffs…:laughing::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

And for some reason they don’t like these to much…:scissors:… Not sure why…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


They are forced to thrive or they don’t survive and that’s how you discipline…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::laughing:



Damn!!! Now I’m all hot and bothered.

Little handcuffs… I never thought of it that way. :thinking: You’ve opened my innocent eyes. :slightly_frowning_face:


Don’t get me wrong they are spoiled … I mean when they get air conditioning and I don’t and it’s 140 degrees outside… they get alot of love …but it’s a give-and-take like with anything else in this world… trust me … honestly even though I’m a jerk …anybody involved with me in my life is spoiled… I can’t help it …not sure if that’s a male trait or if it was something given to me for no reason… well at least everybody else gets to come up… right…:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:



C’mon man, focus on the hot and bothered part! Don’t let us down, we’re counting on you! LOL


LOL!!! I knew I would regret that.

I have to go make dinner, but I’ll try to stay moist… UGH!!!

I’m so going to regret that one. Later, babes.


In my mind, you’re already regretting it.

Enjoy dinner! I hope it’s yummy! :stew:



LOL! That is so cute! I want what they’really smoking!



That’s me like thirty years ago.


Looks like you were a bit chilly. :sunglasses:


Finally got some likes. Could not like this one!


Home Grown Vs Mass Produced ( or what u find on the street)

I remember when i was younger… that having home grown meant a lesser quality… like… hey wanna smoke a joint? i mean all i got is some “home grown” but… or he smokes that home grown shit…I remember hearing all these comments around anything you may have grown on your own and if you had bought the brick weed ooooo this is the good stuff… lol sound familiar?
so what IS the difference between the two and why would that squashed up brick weed be any better than fresh “Home Grown” that looks amazing like i see on here all the time? … any thoughts?:confused:


It’s not better I’m not sure how old you are but I’m 45 and I remember hearing the same crap
The brick weed is mass produced in Mexico for the most part with little or no thought in it quality just mass production for sale north of the border
For the most part growing up it was the only option for me .
Most of the home grown then was grow from seeds taken from that brick weed and grow by people who really had no clue what they where doing hence the low quality
Today with all the cross breeding and science that goes it MJ production I’d bet that mostly all the bud grow by people on this site and other with like minds is and will be better then brick weed
Things have progressed along way since I was 18 invthis field and the stuff I smoked then even what I thought was great stuff then is all garbage compared to anything grown today is someone closet or basement grows :white_check_mark:
Just my thoughts on the matter
Happy growing all peace :v:


Im 48 so we must have been hanging around the same guys lol Thanks for your thoughts and i agree… I look at the buds on my trees and think… if laid out side by side and judged by appearance alone… this wins hands down and i swear the last time i saw street weed it was so squashed i felt strongly it had a moldy appearance and strange texture when broken up… wasn’t something id want to smoke and i had this picture my head of it coming all pressed together in transit thinking it almost has to be slightly moldy from being shrink wrapped and piled high… but i truly have no idea how its packaged for shipment. anyway Im proud of my new hobby and will take pride in sharing my good ol “Home Grown” haha :herb:


Lol that guy did get around so it a possibly lmao
That brick weed is cured outdoors in big piles under tarps
They have a name for it but I can’t remember just google it I think you’d find it interesting and for sure will turn you off to that crap :poop: lol
Truth be told i couldn’t even tell you where to find that stuff haven’t had it in years
So yeah I’m sure there’s a bit of mold in it
Sorry I’m out of likes @gpitel as usual around here :rage::stuck_out_tongue: lol