The Ladies Room -- not for plants!


This was my lettuce after 2 weeks from seed. And yes, the color is normal :slight_smile: It doesn’t need any cal-mag. LOL


Wait, thought it was coming Wed? Gotta love the early deliveries (unless it’s delivering a kid).


It’s a pretty color!

Wow, I really need a manicure.


Two-day delivery! I ordered it Sunday night just before midnight, I think.


Sweet! Looks pretty and your nails are fine! :slight_smile:


In fact they look like they’d be good at back scratching and head rubs. LOL I like nails that haven’t been chewed off.


LOL, Mr Kitty looooves my nails!

I don’t touch hubster’s hairy back though.


haha, that’s pretty funny. Poor man. Maybe a good waxing? I can’t even get a beard to grow. So slow… “Grass doesn’t grow on a playground”


no dirt under your nails ?


All set up…

I’m really happy with it. This is just how I imagined it. See? Preeeetty.

I’m really glad the LED isn’t too purple, it’s nice and white!


He’s Italian, sooo…

There isn’t enough wax in all the land for hubster’s back… and front. He always looks like he’s wearing a sweater. LOL!!! :joy::smile:


Yes! Foxfarm Ocean Forest! :blush:


@Allen13420, I love that you recycle everything like that. Everyone should do that, including myself – now I feel guilty. :disappointed_relieved: Shame on me!

I don’t blame your grandmother for growing weed. I’ve always thought marijuana plants are absolutely beautiful, even when they’re not flowering. I’d love to keep one big one in my living room just for show… except for telltale smell. :thinking: hmm.


I just got my “likes” back and so I tried to go back and “like” all the great posts…

And I ran out of “likes”… AGAIN!!! :joy::smile::rage::angry:


I’m Italian but no body hair. Anything that crops up is considered male and immediately removed. LOL


Gorgeous! Looks super slick and if I squint really tightly it doesn’t even look gadgety :wink:


@raustin I’m still waiting to see your gentle , delicate , nurturing , seductive , loving , firm female approach to tending your garden… I haven’t heard to many of your opinions or seen any pics of your beautiful garden… I am enjoying this thread but I was really hoping to be a fly on the wall for a bunch of girl gabb… After all these years I’m still trying to find some insight on you beautiful creatures… Lol
Of course us guy’s screw every thing up… Go figure… Lol



You wanna know what I do with my garden? I IGNORE IT? LOL!!! Except when I’m singing to my plants… they love that.

I’m not Wiccan so I don’t have any goddess energy to feed them. However, that does remind me of a strange little tidbit of knowledge I found many years ago. Apparently, some people give off a hormone or pheromone that makes plants thrive – I have this, so I touch my plants a lot and they love it – hence the term green thumb.

But other people give off pheromones that can literally kill plants, and they should try not to touch them too much. I don’t know if there’s anything to this, but it would explain why some people just don’t can’t keep plants alive while others have no problems.


Yeah, technically, I suppose it’s not a grow gadget. Now that I look at it it’s much more for show. It’s a showy-gadget. :sunglasses:


FO Sho! Shizzle