The Ladies Room -- not for plants!


Good night @raustin@Matthew420


If only it were in 10 minutes or less. I could use it. Fresh out for a couple days :frowning:





DAMN! I wish I had a like for that!

Goodnight, baby! :sleeping:


THAT is adorable.



Yo you guys are f@&cking hilarious :joy: @raustin @Matthew420 @FyshhTrap
Sitting here getting ready to get on train laughing my ass off
Love your humor guys and gal :+1::ok_hand::v:️️:sunglasses::upside_down_face::wink:
Keep it up to funny
The guy parked next to me keeps looking at me like I’m nuts lmfao


It’s been a really fun thread, I agree :slight_smile: I think I’m using all my likes on this thread.


Lol you really should get some sleep and let your likes replenish lol😝
Ok nap time :sleeping: my daily suck 1 1/2 hours on train :steam_locomotive: now but at least I can nap :wink:
Peace all :v:️️


I’ll get a couple hours later :slight_smile: Enjoy the :steam_locomotive:


LOL!! I’m glad you’re not driving! I had a lot of fun with this thread, we all have to keep it going.

Now you’ve got stuff to read on the train. :kissing_heart:


I just slept 8 hours and I STILL have to wait 2 more for one measly “like”!

I’m not gonna… make… it…


I have no more likes either it seems like they only giving me 1 or 2 am hours I think it’s :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop:


Sorry, I can’t “like” that… I still have an hour to go!


There y’all go. I have a few to share.


Hey, baby, thanks for using a precious “like” on me. :wink:

I just want to tell you that I don’t blame you for wanting to start a deep philosophical discussion – personally, I used to love those, but I need a rest from that. I’d rather stick to the comedy for now.

No hard feelings. :kissing_heart:



It’s all good. I don’t get hard feelings over that. We can only walk the path we’re on. :wink:

I don’t try to convert others to my beliefs. I just find I am better able to know someone if I can understand the basic thought process. Our thoughts are formed from our beliefs.

In an attempt to not offend you, since it’s hard for my beliefs not to show through, I will try to stay on a growing plane of conversation with you.

Again, I have no problem with you at all. If you ever wish to speak with me, just tag me.

I’m not what you’ve grown accustomed to. I know I have more flaws than you. It’s why I’m so thankful!

Please don’t forget, I’m always willing for a good conversation…


Still waiting for more likes bro give one up to you later lol


My gadget is here! My gadget is here!

Gotta go set it up!

Back soon. :grin:

God, I still don’t have any likes. :disappointed_relieved:


Hey all back on train catching up
I’m glad to see we are all adults here willing and able to put the small things aside and get on with what important
Living laughing and loving all of life’s great wonders


I think I cleaned mine with bleach and water first time. But, the destructions would say if you need to do that.