The Ladies Room -- not for plants!


No problem…


I’ve heard really good things about it, but I’d like to grow flowers in it when not in use for weed. I’m going to keep it on my dining room buffet and try to keep something growing in it, but just for show.

I don’t recommend you get this, though, @Matt_auto. It will only germinate a few seeds at a time and it’s quite expensive to use for that purpose alone – it just isn’t cost effective. There are more important things to spend your money on… like lighting! :wink:


hey @raustin just checked my email and jusr got confirmation about my 600 Mh lamp will arrive tomorrow jeeeej nice right! Happy grow!


Excellent! Just one more day! :wink:




Very nice!!! LOL!!

I’m gonna start laughing again! :smile::joy::laughing:


That’s really me. I look young for my age.


Is that your baby picture? Or that’s you now? Cause you shouldn’t be growing weed at your age.



lol, not me. Was kidding


This thread is Hillarious, one of the Best yet !!! and I do have pictures!


Yeah, it did turn out better than I expected. Last night was a piss!!! :joy::smile::laughing:

Damn it! I have to wait 15 HOURS before I can like again… WTF?!


not me, like,like,like,like,like !!!


Well, I can’t like that.


Show off lol


This is like some kind of horrific torture!

Damn you… Damn you all to hell! You maniacs!!!


LIke This


“Like” haha. I still have some unknown amount but I feel like I might be tossing some around soon. Feeling frisky.


LOL!!! I love SpongeBob.