The Ladies Room -- not for plants!


Not me :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought that was the West Indies. Columbus was a schmuck!


He was smart enough to know to step on the rock and not in the water. So there’s that…


Hey, I just bought this…

Only because its a pretty color… And I’m stoned.
Nighty-night. :sleeping:


Awesome! :slight_smile: Nite nite!! :kissing_heart:


I did herbs the first time. Was nice to be cooking some good Italian dishes and be able to pluck stuff off fresh :slight_smile:


OMG!!! I just realized! We’ve come full circle, kids!

I started this thread yesterday to discuss men and their love of gadgets, and here we are today, barely twenty-four hours later and, I – the chic that created the thread – have bought a gadget!

I thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. Please drive safely.


Where we going? Snowing here :frowning:


@raustin lmfao…:smile::smiley::grin::grinning::joy::laughing:



Well, there’s nothing left to say about my theory. LOL!!! I was completely, and totally 100% incorrect about my assumption. :smiley: :laughing: :joy:

LOL!!! I couldn’t have been more wrong!!!

Oh, I needed that. Night.


So are you closing shop here? hehe

Needed what? I try to find more.


I guess we’ll just have to change the description.

Although, if I change the description no one will ever have the good laugh that we just had. :laughing:


Something like “Fun times had by all! $5 cover charge”


Oh, I needed that good laugh. At least, I thought it was hilarious. LOL!!! I’m still laughing! :laughing:


Used a precious like for that! Glad I could make you laugh :slight_smile:


@raustin good night luv…
U kill me , so far…
It’s your nature… You are female…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::laughing::joy::smiley::smile::grin:


Nice seed pod youve bought @raustin how does it works and specs? Maybe ill get one too later to germinate seeds easyer qnd faster have a good one fellow growers im off to a working day off 9hours first time 4 my lil ladies to ne alone that long but they looked great 1hr ago so have funn yall!! @raustin @Oldstoner @Donaldj @DieHigh55 @garrigan62 @yoshi @peachfuzz


Only three days to go @Matthew420 :grinning:


Woot!!! Wish my plants would bud in 3 days.


I have no likes left. I spent them all on @raustin. I’ll come back around later. LOL