The ladies just sharing some pics

Here’s my babies , there doing great . I got three out of four females from four seed I got from some super top shelf bad weed that was from Cali, I wish I knew the strain. I’m thinking gsc or a purple strain because these plants are so vibrantly colored compared to other strains I’ve grown.


They are short do to hard training but I’m growing them out now , each plant has 60+ good strong cola heads , I topped and micro topped three sets and do constant lst daily to spread the canopy wider . I have to defoliate once a week to help light penitration and air flow but they have become all branch heads in every direction and managed to stay even


Nice grow mate :+1:

Looking good. I’d consider removing the lower smaller tops to allow the larger taller tops to get more energy and grow even bigger. It’s up to u. Happy growing

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great looking plants!

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I’m letting them get a littel hight and I’m seeing which branches wanna step up and which will stay to small than I am going to lollipop a couple days befor 12/12

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Tops that are lower and smaller arent gonna catch up, the sooner u take them off the longer the energy will benefit the taller tops. Cheers

Fyi imho you can yield very very well on 30 or less tops and better airflow, light penetration, and so on