The kindlight good or bad for a beginner

Hey everyone. Brand new here and haven’t grown anything before. Want to start growing a couple plants indoors and was wondering if anyone had any comments on this new k5xl750 kindlight. Would this be a good light to get started? Any and all advise would be greatly appreciated

The kind light is a top 10 brand , if not a top 5 , and yes it will work , I run an Advance Led light with a cheaper China made 400 watt with my XTE 350 in a 2x2x5 tent and my buds be dense and super sticky .

I have been using the K5 and got some great results. Didn’t mess with any customization of the lamp setting for this grow but I was very pleased with the nice cola’s I was able to produce. I also used a K3-450 of theirs as well as I needed coverage area for a 4*8 tent

Well, my light just arrived. I have never grown so I figured if I was going to start that I should start with good equipment. It was an expensive light. Do you feel it was worth the money? I built a room in my basement. It’s 5.5ft x 6.5ft by 80" high. My plan was to hang the light in one corner for a 4 x 4 footprint and have room left in the room for other stuff. How many plants should I try to grow under this one light?

How much pure wattage you think the light will put out in Par and lumens ? You can used a smartphone and download a light meter app to help you out with lux , par , and lumens you light put out .

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