The Kief Queen Performs Rhapsody in Blueberry


LMAO! Thanks, that was much better.


It’s a gift wrapping madhouse, over here! Edibles kicking in, nicely.

So, tell me about these fox farm nutes. Thinking about trying them out on a plant or 2 next fall.


I like the Foxfarm nutes, if you get the whole Dirty Dozen then you have everything the plant needs. They’re the only nutes I’ve ever used, so I have nothing to compare them with.


If I run a couple of plants using them, I’ll be picking your brain. Internet window shopping, now. Lots of options.


Anyone up for a smoke?


Great timing.


What are you up to tonight?


Gonna go with the Frankenstein bowl. Need a buzz


Holy shit, I just rolled a Frankenstein joint!


I’ve had my niece this weekend so cookies, gingerbread houses Christmas cards u know, the standard


Well, that sounds festive.


Fun. My kids won’t leave their games to decorate the tree. At least she will do it all with me so we’ve been having a blast. But hard to smoke so I am enjoying these few minutes


I thought you decorated the tree already.


The downstairs one. She gets free reign over the upstairs tree.


Was just thinking about smoking.

I’m dreaming of a green Christmas…


I have to go make dinner soon.


Don’t burn the place down.


I’ll try…


Ya cuz this is getting old.

Twice in one week. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Anybody go caroling? I’ve always wanted to go caroling. Get nice & high, first, of course.

You all in bigger places: you ever get caroled upon?