The Kief Queen Performs Rhapsody in Blueberry


Fine & unexpected.


That sounds so Monty Python.


I’m sitting at work laughing out loud at my desk :joy::rofl::laughing:


That’s exactly what I was thinking! Lol!


I could’ve gone on another hour all about the bush.


I was looking forward to it. I had many things in mind for your bush.


It was a fun read ;=))


Updated my grow journal i dropped the ball on that one but next grow i will make sure i keep her updated as per usual


It’s hard sometimes to keep up. Strangely enough more off subject chat makes it harder. But just try to post a picture every other day or so. They might come in handy later.


I grow organic outdoor, the past 2 grows I used a somewhat local organic blend, I may switch up a little this next time and go 50% their seed starter mix, less hot with more peat.


I had to scroll through a couple hundred posts but it was worth it! :heart_eyes:
Nice bush raustin


Cause you live in that other country. Lol.


Hey @raustin

Could you send me some pictures of your previous grows by any chance?


Have you thought about Nevada ? California cost of living is high, plus they wanna take your handguns and “assault rifles”. Dont get me wrong im from cali, but i had to leave a long time ago. @PurpNGold74


When you say less hot with more peat. Did you know peat moss naturally is acidic… I did a ro and peat test and got middle to low 5 ph …read this some where and did confirmation test and low and behold


@raustin did u ever get around to those clones?


I meant lower Nitrogen and fertilizer levels found in seed starter mixes.


Whoops well now ya know lol


You can still scroll threw “The Kief Queen and the pineapple haze.” This was the grow from earlier this year. She is the one that got my interest in growing again.


With this head cold I haven’t been able to bend down to the ground to take any clones yet. Hopefully, this weekend.