The Kief Queen Performs Rhapsody in Blueberry


Yes, it does, and constant pruning and attention.


Sometimes it may even take an extra set of hands to handle it just right.


Gotta really get in there.


Ya gotta twist it around and tie it down.


Tie her up, but be gentle about it.


This will make for great reading later. :rofl:


Yep, I wonder what kind of responses this will get.


Nobody is going to complain.


You’ll know who reads and who skips to the end. Will b quite obvious


We’re so juvenile.


Sometimes. Ain’t it great!


I know you are, but what am I?


Good lord you women made me blush with all the bush talk. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


I’m blushing, too, baby!


I was wondering what the men would think.


U will have all kinds of new best friends lol


Lol thankfully I’m pretty used to you lot. But definitely would give anyone who didn’t know which bush you’re talking about a startle lol.


Her bush is startling.


Well this bush is really fine.


Hahah it’s a mighty bush indeed! They would’ve made songs about that bush in medieval times. Lol