The Kief Queen Performs Rhapsody in Blueberry


She can keep her germs.


You’re new to the show. They always have been


@Justgrowin i want to ask you something. You know what live resin is right? U use fresh plant material instead of cured plants. If that is the case shouldnt i be able to run all the trim as soon as i am finished?


haha @raustin i dont know if you follow hip hop but Redman and Method Man are huge pot smokers and its a rule that they dont share because of slobber if you smoke with them then give you your own joint so you dont have to share LOL


I do that too! I don’t share joints, everyone should have their own.


I approve!


Man, I just rolled the tastiest joint, it’s half Mona half chocoloupe with a little kief sprinkling, very nice.


Yes. U can always make hash wax or resin from fresh material. A lot of people will freeze it fresh so it doesn’t dry and cure.


Holy mackerel, we’ve got bush!


Mmmm-mmmm, good!


Lol, big bush.


Always comes back to the big bush.


I’m very proud of my big bush.


spit take!!


As U should b. It’s a beautiful full bush


If you’re not careful, however, a thick bush can get too wet.


LMFAO! True. A thick bush can get too wet.


And it stays wet forevvvvvvvvvvvver.


Unless you know how to take care of it, then it dries out.


A thick bush needs expert care.