The Kief Queen Performs Rhapsody in Blueberry


been a pleasure, must run…


Hope your good and stoned so you can think. I’d like to pick your brain


Thinking of switching soils for my next grow. Fox farms is what I’ve always used but I’m thinking :thinking:


Joining the sesh. Bong hits for everyone


Yay! More bong hits!


I loaded a special one for u. Go ahead take it


Got the best weed some wax and kief. I guarantee a good cough




Ok that looks familiar. Just sayin. Lol


I don’t like to cough, too much. Makes me pee my pants.

I know: the more you cough, the more you get off.


Just try it. You’ll like it. Lol


I like a good cough. Get those lungs really open and clear for the next hit


She’s being a sissy. She likes that cough too. Put on a depends and woman up!


I already have on 2.


Am I too late? I just rolled a fat joint.


I guess you & your joint are welcome to your own thread.


Lol, oh yeah.


Only if u share.


Hahahahah I think her thread is the official chat group for ILGM.


I always share, just don’t slobber on it.