The Kief Queen Performs Rhapsody in Blueberry


Inga will look like this very soon.


I can only hope so. Maybe after I get a few grows under my belt :wink:


Look at all those bud sites!


Looking good, How does she smell ?

Who is Inga?


She smells ok, but I’ve got a cold, so I can’t really say. Inga is missiles girl.


Getting dense foliage in there …that’s a ilgm blueberry?


Yes, it is.


Alfina looks outstanding!

Cheers to a speedy recovery for you, I had a cold that kicked my butt at the end of September…


Lookin awesome a bunch of her blowing through that now :tada::astonished:


She looks great! My blueberry autoflower is just starting to smell good and sweet. Mines more of a mini bush. You’ve got the big bush. Love those blueberries. Glad I caught the update, gets hard to keep up at times :joy: :v:


I can’t wait to smoke her. Did u grab some clones?


@Justgrowin @raustin i have a question about flushing the plants. Ok so last friday i gave her the las t feeding. I watered her again on monday. She could use some water today. Its the end of the cycle so is it still possible to over water her or am i just leaching out the old nutes?


No, you can’t really overwater her at this point, just give her water to runoff whenever she needs it.


I prepared some daytime blend…chronic widow, CA Dream, and train :steam_locomotive: Wreck…


I been taking RSO personally. The other day i took to much at night and when i woke up i was still high from the night before lol. My plant is changing into her fall wardrobe it is pretty cool i am getting a little purple into the color.


anybody else partaking? there in spirit…


I’m ready to partake :smiley:


let it roll…


Smoking my daytime Amnesia Haze.


Bong hits for brunch.