The Kief Queen Performs Rhapsody in Blueberry


Who’s smoking?


Who’s asking?


I’m asking.


I am absolutely ready to smoke. It’s 5am, somewhere, right? (that would be here)


Why are you up so early?


So you know you asked a silly question, right?


Hell if I know. Must have sensed the poo.


It’s before my morning coffee, I’m allowed.


Ohhh, that’s how it works?


sent cash 10 days later i git a invite woooot!


This is your invite to the Bergman’s Lab VIP Support Forum. This is a service from Bergman’s Lab, for members only.

Please click this link to create your new account:

plus look how nice support is cus three beans failed out of 6 before that ILGM was 30 for 30 it was blueberry auto’s too.

Hi there,

No problem, just let us know how many have not germinated once you have soaked them, and we can either send out replacement seeds straight away or give you a huge discount code to use on your next order.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.


Claire | Customer Support Hero

ima light up now my cup o buddery joe is kikn in im ready


That’s great customer service, right there.


like lightning fast they even offered to send 5 free seeds on next order or just replace the 3 now i told them im soaking 3 more if they fail i will have them replaced then they are so cool ILGM 4 life


Ahhhh…good morning, world.


I have 15 more minutes before I run the hubby to the Dr. 1 year and 3 foot surgeries later, let’s hope he can walk :+1: I have a plant and soon to be 3 I ain’t got time to take care if him. I retired :joy:


Lol! Damn right!


Ok I’m back and now I need to smoke like I’ve been a hostage for 20 days.


Get to it. That’s how I smoke.


Morning yall @DoobieNoobie and me have a bad storm (1/2" to 1" ) ice then 4/6 " snow fri nite thru sat. we lose power in these for days . im a little lucky they just re did loops under ground in my area we dont lose power easy no lines to snap by trees but still can cause probs i gota go out and work on generator it has not been run all year prolly havta pull carb off just to start it.


Batten down the hatches!


This was the trip from hell.

So u have to hear it well Bc I said so

So here it goes. I already was DREADING getting out in the world to go to the grocery store. So I click the little clicker to get my car all warm and toasty. Get dressed for public. Grrrr. Go outside and my kid has blocked me in.

So now I have to take his car, which has no automatic start. So now I’m shivering waiting for his heat to warm up and realize oh F! He drives a

Yep can’t even keep my hands warm and that damn shifter is a$$ cold. Who drives a stick anymore?

So I get to the grocery store and realize I left my money at home. Thank God I make my kid keep an emergency 20$ in his glove box. Needless to say I went thru all of that to spend 20$ at the grocery store.

I need to smoke like u can’t believe. I’m not a negative person in general but I sure feel that way right now. Time to smoke it away.