The Kief Queen Performs Rhapsody in Blueberry


Good morning all :v::green_heart:. I’m ready to toke.


Good morning, potheads.


Was heading to pee when I hydroplaned across the floor on a puddle of dog pee. Almost landed in a soft pile of poo they oh-so thoughtfully placed at the end of the puddle.


Yeah. Good morning. Great. Great morning.


Oh, no! I hate when my dog does that!


They were just out 5 hours ago. Wake me up, you fools!


Oh…I was barefoot, too.


My dog will do it in the bathroom right in front of the toilet.


Oh, yuck, go wash your feet!


Your dog’s trying!


Oh, too late, been jumping on the bed this whole time.


Gonna have to smoke a lot of weed to feel clean.

How’s it going your way? Afina bulging out the sides of your tent, yet?


My dog is small, so she just takes tiny poops, but still, stepping in it is not pleasant.


I haven’t looked at Afina in days. I’ll give her some attention today, maybe.


2 bully breeds. 75 lbs & 90 lbs. Feel like I’m in Juarassic Park, sometimes.


Look at you, so blase & nonchalant. Ohh, that old thing?


Big dogs, big poops.


No shit. :poop:


Sorry to hijack your thread with literal poo. Carry on, potheads.


It’s impossible to hijack this thread.