The Kief Queen Performs Rhapsody in Blueberry


It’s alright. :grinning:


You still wanna burn? @N00BIE


Well guess I’ll smoke then wanna get these plants fed so it out of the way


4000+ posts since 14 days ago jesus yall I cant do it


Let’s smoke!


Well yeahhhh lets go @Justgrowin


Start a sesh n fly? :man_facepalming: @Justgrowin


Nope I’m here. No one answered


I was in the other room writing you a little book


Lol I read it. It’s all good


Yeah just went n looked lol


I was making chili. I love the crockpot. No mess


My wife will be leaving in 10 minutes. Nothing like a 5am wake n bake.


Hey Betty. Morning. We missed each other earlier. By minutes it seems


Set it up n leave it all day n homemade chili is wicked rockpots are good for a lot of meals :+1:


I was off reading the morning news. Ready to forget all that I read, though.


Nothin good?


I’ve read all 8,275 posts, but I must say today was interesting.
Definitely need to smoke on that one!
No work calls yet…I hate these slow weeks. I love the holidays for blah blah, I hate the holidays because people are not in their offices breaking things.


I am now having to run out in the freezing cold to get more tomato sauce. My kids midnight meals can piss me off sometimes. Smh.

I really really don’t want to go


He used that too lmao