The Kief Queen Performs Rhapsody in Blueberry


Make the decision that hurts you the least. Do a pro/con list. It really helps.


My battery is at 4%. If I fall off, it’s not intentional. I’ll plug-in & get back on asap.


I won’t do anything stupid, Big Pharma meds couldn’t, this little hiccup won’t won’t either. I just needed to vent where other "friends’ or people would see. I kniw what I need to do, I just need to quit worryimg about outher people’s feelings.

Word to the wise- business and friendships don’t mix.


Man I’ve been self employed for most my adult life. Including a short but extremely successful business with my brother. Only thing I can say is I never would hire friends and no one other than my spouse. Me and my brother had a falling out. I did all the work he did the PR. We split I went on making money he didn’t. It’s never been a good relationship since then.


Word bro…that’s what I’m facing but its not family, sort of. When you take someone under your wing, itbis line family and sadly, family will disappoint you the most.

Anywho, who wants to effing smoke? I need to burn an entire bowl.


Ugh I can’t smoke. I’ve got my (hopefully) last drug test Friday.


Yeah I was tought a hard lesson as a teen about hiring friends. I worked for a small business that the owner gave me a lot of freedom working for him. When I asked about hiring a friend because he needed help he said sure. But when that friend didn’t work out he told me to fire him. He said you hired him. You fire him. It was terrible but it made me understand that if you’re in charge that means for good or for bad. And firing a friend sucks. So that became my rule. No friends ever.


She was a great empoyee, until we paid for her move and staring paying hamf her 1400.00 rent plus half the electric. You live and learn…
I’m coming down and not so volatile. I just needed to vent. It’s nice to have an outlet with like-minded people.


Yep. Best advice I can give is to cut ties and run. It’ll hurt no matter what so treat it like a bandaid and rip it off.


Talk about a buzz kill, I have killed the mood for last couple hours. Who wants to smoke?


48 hours from now I’ll be joining ya!


Anybody around wanna smoke :grimacing:


Woooo got a gram of live resin that’s nice to wake up to


Light em uppp


I’m so ready. Now I gotta shlep down the steps. Doh


My morning was going down to make a mornin coffee and I always wear sneakers around downstairs the one time I don’t I accidentally got like half leg of frozen water lol was already cold n wet so I hit the shower lol


Frozen water? In your house?


Not actual ice but freezing cold he uses 2 ceramic kitty bowls and my downstairs floors are cold then ended up with a cold wet sock ugggghhhh lol


Well, Noobie, looks like I failed you by zonking out. I am soooooooo sorry! It’s 4am & I’m up, though!


Your earlier exchange is why this place can b amazing at times