The Kief Queen Performs Rhapsody in Blueberry


Hey, wife running late. I can probably sneak a bong hit.


Can we have 2 different plants in one 5 gal pot?


Evening stoners.


Being stoned and depressed sucks, anyin2e around to talk?


Stoned & depressed…and you came here?

I feel you. What’s up?


Are you on the other side?


I will have to copy paste …sorry, trying to find redemption is difficult.

My business is bleeding money, my employee has a snowflake complex and I need to get away from the situation.

I want so much more for my family but that means sacrificing family time. Wife and I have always worried abiut others before yourselves but now, we eat to be financially secure.

“Fire her”
Can’t…right now. Her income BARELY covers her expensis and I just can’t sonit any more.

Between my wifr and I, in a proper environment, could net over 150k ourselves. Having an employee that will only do minimal work while demanding more because she feels like we are dependant on her is nit a good feeling.

We pay half her rent and electric in exchange for having a location at her residence. Why can’t this generation habe a work ethic like mine and thise of my generation?

Sorry, didn’t mean to dump my problems here. Sometimes an outside perspective is what is needed.


I go with the fire her thing, too, if you can do it under the law. Unless I’m missing why she’s actually necessary? There are other people who need jobs, right?

Edit: so, you’re using her home for part of your business?

Find new arrangements, and a new employee. :grinning:


If you only knew. We scrimp and scrape so others can benefit from us amd our business. My give a damn and give a fucks arw official overdrawn.


Need someone to front finances, my wife can produce almost .5 million income with her skills and proper groomers. 5 years and we can expand to neighboring states without my wife having to do more than training.


If you can’t get rid of the woman, then clearly you do need her. If you stand to gain so much, why not pay her more, then?

Either make new arrangements or give your employee the raise she earned.

Seems simple to me, but it’s also not my life. I know it’s more complicated & not so easy to do what you know needs to be done.


With the customers she from us, she could net 1k a week income, she is too lazy, and we don’t have the 50k or credit to rid us of her burden. We made a ehole2 bunch of decisions based on her 4 years of her previous employment to expand the business the way we did. I told my wife it wasn’t a goid idea but sometimes the Jimminy Cricket gets muzzled regardless of who causes the dissent. Spouses usually dont make the best business partners.


So, pay her more $$, then. :grinning:

Or fire her.


You think its that easy…My grow and 92 proof rum isnt steong enough to relax me. Between this am my PTSD, you can’t imaginge the shit that has crossed my mind… No stress, no pain, no disappointing your daughter…no broken promises. Yup…


I can’t provide for my family because VA won’t pay for my service induced injury, kids whispering that mom makes all the money and daddy doesnt work… 20+ years fighting and I still endure pain that would make anyone eat a bullet. But I stay strong… …steonger than
I am, in my daughter’s eyes. Sometimes I don’t want to do it anymore, sometine the pain is too much.


Sorry for the drama, thisbwas a place I felt safe to vent. Comments will be deleted shortly.


You’re not feeling like hurting yourself or somebody else are you? If I check your trunk, I won’t find a shovel & lye, will I? :grinning:


No, just not sure how to proceed. Whatever decision I make, I will be financially ruined for next 3 year, maybe 5.


That’s an every day American thing right? How do you manage a multimillion dollar business with people that feel like they are entirled to everything with minimal work. Love the new ethics of the last 10 years.


You know you can always find someone here. Never, ever do anything to follow through on those thoughts, please. We’re here for you.

If you keep having those thoughts, noobie, please speak to somebody truly qualified to help you figure this all out.