The Kief Queen Performs Rhapsody in Blueberry


Yep, that’s why I have to SCROG, there’s just no room! Lol


I started my scrog about 3 days ago. When did you wanna start having us load our scrog pics for ya? Haha I’m excited and i also think my Fim might have failed as i have a lot of “trimmed” pot leafs now. (The plant still kept growing with those cut areas)


I have gotten super lucky with my fim i pinch the top and both times i have done it i have gotten a Fim. Both of my girls are in flower so my next grow if i pinch her top off and i get a Fim i will chalk it up to skill or a run of good luck lol


Well this thread has turned into a classroom on SCROG, so you can show me your SCROG anytime. Just post a pic here so all the class can see.


Fimming is really hard to do, but once you get it right you know exactly what you’re doing. That made no sense at all. I think fimming is more about when to do it rather than where. You have to pinch the top when it’s still small and not too grown out. It seems to work best that way for me.


Hahaha I did make sense to me tho. Ok ima upload a few pics ina min and show you my scrog and fim.


Well here she goes, still very very early.

So two days ago they were all level and now there lifted again but same height. I think ima wait about one more day before i do another bend over, tie down, twist through what have ya. Let em get just a little higher so i have more room for crafting.


I don’t think you really need that net yet. Have you been topping or fimming? They need more branching out. I also see some super cropping in the near future.


So yea i have been, i just finished my weekly update and i have some pics of more detail you may like so you can better assess. So ok this is no problem tho, if net needs removing thats perfectly fine i have my bamboo sticks in so i can support them with that. I do trimming and topping alot in the plants.


No, don’t remove the net, they can grow into it. I just think it’s a bit early, that’s all. How old are those girls?


Just hit week 6 from sprout, They sprouted september 1st which was super convenient I thought hah


Ok, so they’re about the same age as my Afina. I think you’ll need to super crop those tall ones so that they are all the same height. Not yet though.


Before scrogging

The process

2 days later


Now that’s a beautiful SCROG!


You are much too nice


No, you’re really doing an excellent job. Is this your first SCROG?


@Grandaddy013 - how far apart did you place the screws in your net? I picked up all the parts to build mine yesterday and I like the spacing on your screen. :+1:


If u choose to use string or twine b prepared for your plants to lift it and manipulate it. Copper wire or a metal grate tend to work best.


Yes. Not really, but last time it was just a support. I didn’t really Scrog


My net is 4x4. I put screw every 4" both ways to make 4" squares