The Kief Queen Performs Rhapsody in Blueberry


Here’s some info on centi & millipedes in the garden. This article specifies outdoor gardens, but I think the info is useful to us indoor gardeners, as well.


Thanks for the links, that was very helpful. Im pretty sure I killed a centipede because it wasn’t white, it was brown. I’m glad they’re beneficial, but I don’t like them in my home. Yuck.


If I find a centipede in my house…in Alaska…I’m burning this place down to the freaking ground!


Lol, it’s pretty disturbing.


Sunday, September 16, 2018
Day 8

So Mona… I mean, Afina is actually growing nicely after I scolded her for stretching. I even threatened to cull her and start over with another seed, but she seems determined to live, so I’ll give her some more time. Why do I always have ugly seedlings?

She’s under the QB at 18/6 now.


She’s not ugly she just needs some color :slight_smile:


Hey, looks like 2 of my girls are the same age as your girl! Should be fun to watch the 3 grow together!


Ok so… try to go back in time and imagine a new born baby! They all have blue eyes and a lil bit ugly… and when they grow a lil, the eye colour change and the face change to pure cuteness !!! Afina, you will rock Raustin mind when “autumn” falls :smile:


Yeah, that’s the color of the QB, it washes out the green. She’s actually a nice green color. Her problem is she’s tall and lanky with a skinny stem. Lol, ugly Afina!


Excellent, they can grow together! Yours are prettier though.


That’s true, most babies are born pretty ugly. I’ll wait for her to grow out of her ugliness. Lol.


So am I lol! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


53 years and I’m still waiting to grow out of ugly!.. extra long veg time :blush:.


Lol, I sure you’re not that bad. :joy:


I blame it on the qb lights too :rofl:.


I hear a nice, soft peach lighting does wonders for the complexion.


So does a paper bag.


Not a problem when you x plant them you can bury part of the elongated stem


Funny you should mention that, cause that’s what I just did.

Monday, September 17, 2018
Transplanted Afina into 2 gallon pot of Promix and buried that long stem. Also gave her a light feeding of Grow Big, Boomerang, and Wholly Mackerel.


Your a pro! of course u did :clap:t2: