The Kief Queen and the Pineapple Haze!



Oh ok. Lol :rofl: I was gonna say, not looking for night clubs but I want my buds to make me feel like I’m at one! lol


@Drillbit The story on the bottle says the word Bembe comes from the Congo meaning “sweet offerings” haha no joke



Your ladies are looking really nice. If you could tell your secret in a 10 word max sentence what would it be?


Pffft only one word… awesomeness lol :wink:


Hey @raustin could you help/tell @MBgrower when to split or drill? Has pics trichs are still clear bottom pic but look in the top right, I see clear… just tryin to help a fellow grower :wink::man_shrugging:t2:


@MBgrower if ya look at my indoor critical Purple page @Justgrowin answered ur question :+1:


In ten words? Lol! No, but I’ll try.

I think my secret is ignore your plants, too much love is a killer. Watch your Ph, of course, but let it fluctuate a little in range. Last, use a good nutrient system, but let the plant tell you what it needs rather than sticking to a strict schedule.

I hope that helps. :kissing_heart:


@raustin Well i got some special stuff in the mail today 5 NL auto flower with 2 Jack here freebies. I am germinating the seeds now next is my long awaited grow journal :slight_smile:


Nice response as you summed it up and hit all categories. Again great grow and your girls are beautiful


Excellent! I love getting my seeds in the mail, it’s just like Christmas morning.

Oh yeah, what ever happened to that journal we’ve all been waiting for? Lol


Thanks, luv. :kissing_closed_eyes:


Here ya go, @BigDaddyCain. This is my extremely long grow journal.


Monday, August 13, 2018
Day 117
from seed, Day 70 of flower.

Well, Monas days are numbered. She got her last feeding nine days ago, and I think I might cut her down in a few more days. She got two gallons of water today.

Mona porn. Look at her beautiful autumn colors!

The buds.

The trichomes.


I think I’ll split her stem tonight.


Damn chica! How’s that tent look compared to previous grows?

Also, a few of us were looking for you on the other side, about that deal in November…


Damn, I haven’t been to the other side in a while. I just don’t have enough time for all that reading, but I’ll go over there and take a look.


I know. I often find myself just checking tags on one or the other, sometimes both.

Mona doesn’t appear to mind, you did very well with her.


Thanks, look at how frosty she is, I think that’s due to the QB. I never got that much with the blurple.


Wow @raustin now those are some nice… :speaking_head:Buds! :wink: really though she’s lookin terrific :call_me_hand: