The Kief Queen and the Pineapple Haze!


Yeah they look absolutely beautiful. Great job!


Woot woot :tada: look at all those sweet growin buds :hugs: awesome job with her :call_me_hand:


Still drooling over your grow @raustin! Can’t wait to see the size comparison shots!


Sh*t, I keep forgetting to do that!


Oopsies lol :wink:


I cant wait to see the yield of this grow @raustin She looks amazing.

@raustin how long will you keep her in flower i saw earlyer in the post you said she is half way. So how much longer will you flower for?


I’ll just keep flowering till I think she’s done, but the strain description says it should flower for about 85 days, so i’m around half way there now. Yes, it’s a very long flower time.

“…Flowering time is long for this marijuana strain, which could take up to 10-12 weeks (about 85 days).”


@Covertgrower found a landrace Sativa strain that flowers for an average of 130 days!!! Half a year of flower almost! Crazy how long some Sativas will flower for


Only halfway through lol gonna have some beastie nuggets! @raustin


For sure! I might have to adjust my estimate to over 6 zips for Mona! :v:


I’m still tempted to grow it. Give it its own tent, and light, so as not to disrupt my main tent set up. Anyone interested it’s the strain Malawi. If you’re a sativa fan, the description is the cocaine of cannabis. That alone sold me. Now, what to grow it in, soil or hydro?


Be sure to tag me when you start the grow journal! I’m definitely interested! That strain sounds perfect for outdoors in this environment!


Where did you find this strain? I would love to grow that.


Yes, I’ve never grown a strain that took this long, so i’m real interested to see how she produces.


6 oz! I don’t know, but that would be nice. You could be right considering how long she has to go.


The cocaine of cannabis! I MUST grow this stuff. Where can I buy the seeds?


Sunday, July 15, 2018
Day 92
from seed, Day 45 of flower.

Mona got some major defoliation today above and below the net, and now my fingers are incredibly sticky. She still has some Cal Mag issues, so I’ll feed her tomorrow with her watering.

SCROG porn.
I took all those little buds off, but didn’t get a pic.


How much did you remove? Can barely tell.


I know, right? A full kitchen garbage bag of leaves and tiny buds. I found hiding buds that I didn’t know where there.


Thanks for the size comparison shot @raustin! I think I’m gonna have to say @MattyBear is right. 6oz plus! I’m calling it 6 and a quarter! You didn’t keep a monster cropping clone?