The Journey so far

So today marks day 33 of this auto Northern Lights and my first grow ever. Thanks to everyone who has helped so far on the journey. This brings me to the point of the post, which is where to go from here. LST is getting a bit difficult as it seems like the leaves grow before anything else which leaves little room for my new bud sites to grow. I am still attempting to LST but it seems like she isn’t growing as quickly in terms of branches and other support structures. I was told her FF OF medium would keep her fed well into flower, but I was wondering if I’m reaching the point to where I have to introduce a specific nute or something. If not, fine with me. I water her every 2~3 days increasing a half cup each time with her getting 3 cups yesterday. Should I be increasing her water intake? Or keep to what I was doing? Sorry for a long post and so many questions, I just feel like things have been going too well to the point that I freak out at the slightest inconvenience. Pics are from 3 days ago compared to half an hour ago.



Great looking plant. happy growing :bat: :rofl:


I concur with the Count… you’re doing a fine job


Looks like great new growth!

I would say your coming up or at the point to start adding nuets.

The real way to know is by collecting and testing your run off water for EC/ppm and pH

Most soils designed for growing cannabis come loaded with 4-6 weeks worth of feed mixed into them.

What size pots are you in? It looks to me your plants are getting large enough to start watering until run off


Since she’s an auto, the only thing I want to add here is when you do start feeding her, start at no more than 1/4 strength of your nutes for the first feed and work up from there slowly. I burned my auto with 1/2 strength nutes.

To my eye, she’s looking great!


I have not grown any autos yet so my observations may not be valid. Your plant looks about right for its age based on my experience with photos.

You are doing a great job, as the others have said. You still have a bit to go before it starts to flower.