The JOINT grow of Sour Diesel

Since @Gremmall is already ahead of me, I figured I better get this joint Sour Diesel grow journal started.

He said his went into the solo yesterday. He can fill y’all in on his details. He already suckered me into being the one to perform the chore of journal starting. :rofl: So he can fill in his deets :grin:

My Sour D seed is being difficult. It went into coconut water on the late afternoon of Wednesday 1/6
@Gremmall dropped the same day.

Here’s Grems beginning

My beginning

After soaking for a day she went into a moistened towel
I prefer non bleached coffee filters, but I’m out of those, that’s probably where things went off track for me :wink:

She’s was not wanting to finish cracking open and it looked a little weird :worried:

So last night I gave her a fresh towel moistened with chamomile tea to help. This morning we had to perform seed surgery. Rose quartz for healing nearby. Instruments for the procedure where all cleansed in alcohol. :hospital::stethoscope::woman_health_worker::mask:

Let’s hope this works. She’s currently in the moist towel awaiting lights to come on in an hour, then she we’ll go into her forever home after a dusting of mycorrhiza hopefully the root will do it’s thing

@kaptain3d thank you for the seed :v::green_heart:


I’m truly happy that the Old Bastard (@Gremmall ) shared them with you! And I see he has found another person to do his dirty deeds… :thinking:
Be very mindful of Robert… :scream: :scream:

I’ll be following and enjoying both your successes! :nerd_face:


Well the score is now jewels 3 and grem 3. She gets a point for making the journal and a point for that fantastic seed surgery. That’s a really great post :clap::cowboy_hat_face:

My seed was in water just 7 hours shy of 3 days. It went into a paper towel for another 2. I got a nice pic with the microphone of the tail starting. I had to talk dirty to that seed for two hours to get this pic lol :point_down:

I’ve got that and a solo cup pic with no plant showing. Hopefully she’s under there doing her thing lol

@kaptain3d yes indeed!!! Thank you for the gift. I hope we grow huge beautiful flowers courtesy of you and that gorgeous winning bud that started this journey :clap::cowboy_hat_face:


All in the spirit of our beloved plant my friend! :wink:


Well I have to say, your tail looks much better than mine. Mine looked very naked and afraid. She’s in seedling soil located in the center of the forever home of living soil. This is the 3rd run in this pot, so if I can get her going, I think I can grow her successfully.
Nice job on your end @Gremmall :v::green_heart:


Personally I like the Boot cup, that’s awesome!!! maybe @CoyoteCody can print one of those for me in the future :laughing:

Great job on removing her helmet, that’s very steady of you :+1: :grin: and very courageous of you!
Best of luck w her going forward, should be interesting to say the least.

@Gremmall that’s funky picture, almost looks like she’s in a seaweed wrap! :joy:

Good luck guys, looking forward to seeing them get going. :partying_face: :clap: :v:


Set to watching, excited to see what you guys do with them!!


I bet I could find a model


When he first sent me a video I thought it was a toilet :rofl:


Knowing him, I wouldn’t have been surprised! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don not doubt it my friend, very ambitious project :grin:

:laughing: :joy: :rofl: It does look like on from that angle


Just because my mind is constantly in the toilet, doesn’t mean LITERALLY walk around with one lmao


Set to watching :popcorn:


Ilgm Sour diesel

We have a lift-off :pray::innocent::pray:


Hello little lady! :partying_face: