The indoor wonderland flowers


thinning leaves is only recommended to allow better airflow. the leaves will produce sugars even if they are not in direct light. as soon as they are neutral or negative for energy the plant will drop them. i pruned heavily in my grow but i think it hurt my yield. whats your goal trimming?


It seems like everyone tries to grow giant buds. I tried that and think more quantity and quality is better than a couple of colas. Last grow I got 1.8 lbs from 6 plants. I am gonna beat that . I expanded to using my whole tent. Also doubled the amount of light. So more room for more light penetration equals more buds.


Day 22 of flowers and buds ! Woo Hoo colas are forming and they look healthy. Excuse my yellow lights.

On track for Holiday season!


Day 24 of flowering and day 54 total from seed . Trimming fan leaves and lower sucker branches.


Our grows are practically on the same schedule. it looks like I did a bit more thinning under the net than you did. Will be interesting to see our yields per watts and yield per square foot comparos…


I know , I should trim more but I try to alternate the removal of the fan leaves in order to avoid shock. I’m kinda old school when it comes to stripping the under growth/sucker leaves. I see most growers try for stellar buds, but I am trying for total yield. Last grow was about 2 lbs. I grew the plants too close, this time we spread em out.


600 watts hps x 2 , 1200 watts of pure light. 6 plants in a 4’x8’ tent. I hope they put out the best buds.


and I have 1150 watts of true LED power in my 4x8 but I am growing in soil. One side has a scrog and the other half the plants are LST. I definately have my plants in a denser lay out than yours. This is really interesting to see what yields will result from our differing cultural methods.


Looks like frost on my flowers

I’m even getting bud swelling already…The sativa colas are long and airy but the indica plants are getting dense.


looking good!


A question about the under growth, how much of the sucker’s or how high do you strip them off to? I used to just keep them there before, but they really were a PITA when I harvested the plants. Do I strip them up to the upper bud canopy, or just the branches that will never reach any way?

This is what I did so far…I try not to shock them so I don’t do that much. Any suggestions?


Just take off any branches that will not reach the upper canopy.


Latest pictures from the wonderland show,

First Super Skunk, Gorilla glue #4 , Duban poison to Grandaddy purple followed by Sweet Northern lights and old school Columbian gold!


Is it bad I just started salivating? Nice buds


I know right! I took all the sucker buds and dried them up. I am impressed! I really want to get the most out of these girls! Besides some of the indica plants are early/55 days flowering. I have to pay more attention now and not get lax or they will make you pay for ignoring them…lol!


yeah i take off all those suckers


Day 42 of flowering…fatter buds.

my grandaddy purple is showing color, I know they all look yellow, before I harvest, I’ll take some real pictures. I also have a digital microscope for tricomes shots!!


Flowers are getting thick, minor set back I got some white flies…oh noooo! got fans blowing and put sticky tape up!! checked the leaves and removed any that showed honey drops or damage.

![20181217_103638|374x500](uploais ://5g4GZkEN4CdREfEArrixi55dHxu.jpeg) The sativa plants need more time but Northern lights and Super skunk are almost ready!!


We are at day 53, they look great!


Looks good! I’m a few days ahead of your grow and I just harvested the runt of the litter:yum: