The indoor growoff of Christmas 2019!

I’m gonna throw the gauntlet down then. “The Christmas Grow Champion of 2019.” 1 autoflower seed from ilgm and 1 light.
•Any type or wattage light.
•Any ilgm autoflower seed.
•Weighs & measures on the honor system.
The prizes are bragging rights and smack talking.
Might even get some answers to questions on lighting and best strains for yields. You never know. Any suggestions would be appreciated👍


@Cyle1 pass on to others if they have sack enough for the challenge. :joy:

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Seeds dropped between 9/1/19 and 9/7/19 and wet weigh in and wet measure 12/12/19 and dry weigh and measure by 12/24-12/25.
Seeds dropped and posted 1 week early lose a week off turn in deadline. That might help a few people. Share with anyone who might be interested

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Man I’m going to have clones at those dates

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Let me try see if I can work 1 in tho


@Jbum @Killadruid @Midwestnewbie

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Lol that’s your motto :joy:
I gotta figure who’s bringing what so I’ll know what I can fit in my space.


He’ll yeahs


It’s sounds cool but i don’t do auto flower i do have 2 strains but not from ilgm
@Midwestnewbie you can take this with your G13 security level 8 grow sauce :muscle::muscle::muscle::+1::+1:


This will be a fun thread! :slight_smile:


“The more I think about it let whoever you want know what I’ve done. They keep this site anonymous because of people like you. Now run and kiss that butt” @Stonedagain2
This type of remark isn’t necessary Doob was simply giving you feedback like you requested, even giving you the reason for his comments. I think it might be time to get stoned again and relax. This topic has been brought up a few times after the initial thread and the moderators for whatever reasons say they don’t want this to happen. I think it took a lot of moderator hours trying to sort out all the threads.

I’m out.


I cant fit any in :sob::sob::sob:

I see. I guess bud of the month will do :slight_smile:

This is in reference to my comment.

That or a Mephisto strain, which isn’t allowed. The shortest ILGM autoflower is Super Skunk, at 52 days!

If @Midwestnewbie is gonna quote me put everything I said. Here’s the rest

The more I think about it let whoever you want know what I’ve done. They keep this site anonymous because of people like you. Now run and kiss that butt

They can just click and see what he meant @Stonedagain2 I read thru. I get it l mean they dont want us to have competitive grows with eachother. @Midwestnewbie is right I’m out also I wont have any room lol

I will be harvesting after September.


From the Administration,

This is not an ILGM contest and will not be recognized as such. The moderation and rule enforcement will be entirely the responsibility of the original poster. We will not judge, or enforce any of these rules.

However; anyone found violating ILGM forum policy could face suspension.

The will be no prize offered by ILGM

Have fun :slight_smile:

lw ! Admin

@latewood thank you for your clarification on this. It’s obvious no one has a desire to be involved. Nobody including myself are interested in violating ilgm rules. I was unaware of possible rule violations but another member expressed concerns after I posted this. Again thank you for your guidance in this matter. :+1:

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Bummer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: this would have been very interesting to watch all these creative growers doing what they love.