The Improved Chamber

Been a while since I have been here, thought I would show my new stealth chamber. And while I am here Please breed some regular Purple haze seeds and Blueberry :mrgreen:. So when is a fridge not a fridge, and in the garage it could be a beer fridge or a storage fridge. Sounds like a fridge running. Has light off, plant White Widow from this site only 2 weeks old. Has had a bad start top extraction fan wasn’t installed and got eagle claws on the shade Leif which i took off. Just started growing from my fiming topping, so she will grow mad now.Just get a fridge Cut 2 holes in the back for fans, attach the light Extraction fan inside and no noise from it at all. That simple. Can get a plant my size 5foot 8 inches and low stress train it. Thinking a good yeald from this stealth fridge. Ground cover has Mycorrhizal Fungi leif mould and about 50 worms ( Gods little gardeners ) the Bark grows the Mycorrhizal Fungi under it, the fungi controls nutrient uptake into the root system. Copying a Rain forest.

I FREAKIN Love it :smiley: