The ILGM Support team

The Original Moderators: ILGM Experts
MacgyverStoner - MOD/Team Leader
Latewood - ADMIN/Team Leader

The new “Grow Support” team:
Garrigan62 - Grow Mentor
Majiktoker - Grow Mentor
Hammer - Grow Mentor

We hope to have a little background and specialty info about our staff, asap.

If any of our staff advises you on forum policy; Please be respectful, and reciprocate appropriately. Thank You.

Happy Growing :slight_smile:


Congratulations to the support team. Thanks for all the help you have given.

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Thank you for that…very much we all will do or best.


I have a question about payment on a order? Do you except the pre-pay visa or MasterCard? Like the one you can buy at Walmart? Im going to order ak-47 auto and ww auto from ILGM. What kind of nutrients will I need to purchase. For a good grow?

Id be happy to answer that for you however im not the person, @latewood I think is a person to talk to about that, however nutrients for a good grow is up to you, I like Fox farms and General hydroponics. We can’t pick for you however if you deceide to get some me and the team here can help you learn how to use them

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Thanks a lot. I think I will get the packages offered on this site. 4 or 5
different packets. The ad said from start to finish. It said to mix so many
grams of product to so much water. So how do I measure the product in
grams? A table or teaspoon maybe? Dumb question?? I Don’t want to burn’m up.

I didn’t make the cut , dag nabbit my thump is still yellow not green enough yet , but I’m trying . Well congratulations to my friends that made it , Garrigan62 , Majiktoker , and Hammer super proud of you guys , Latewood and Macgyverstoner it’s a Previlege and an honor to know you guys have some much needed help to be available for us beginners especially on weekends . Salute to thee best community , and grow support and learning forum on the interweb . The biggest room in the world is always the room for improvement and by the hour this forum is improving and growing and now with more help this will continue for a very long while I believe …,glad to be apart of such a wonderful grow support community even after getting my butt chewed out by my best friend MacG , thanks to guys I grow thee best ranked danked bud than any dispensary can ever supply .


Usually teaspoons, and thanks @yoshi

Welcome to ILGM! :smiley: I would be happy to help you if you post your question in the appropriate grow forum. :slight_smile:
I suggest you read our free grow bible and then start your own topic in the beginners section!

We have a Customer service area also.

There is absolutely no grow advice, or Q and A in the Members lounge.

Thanks, I look forward to helping you in the grow section. :slight_smile:

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Not a dumb question; Just in the wrong area of the forum. :slight_smile:

Thanks for supporting the team and the website. We all appreciate it! :slight_smile:

@latewood thanks for this list as a new member of the group I have been wondering who’s advice to take as gospel and now I know . @MacGyverStoner this is the list of people I was asking about from the other post . You guy’s offer your help and opinions so freely I for one truly appreciate all the effort you put into this site as it must get frustrating at times . Thank you ALL for your help.


Thanks for the kind words. Yes, it does get frustrating at times. :slight_smile: IN the end; We all just want to have fun too!

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