The ILGM DownEast 12


Thanks for all the posts and likes everyone. Starting to supercrop the tallest stuff to let the lower branches catch up so I can start clipping the SCROG.

@kabongster @North_East_Newbie @Rugar89 @Legalinmaine
Nice looking portable pump @Countryboyjvd1971

Like @bob31 says about the humidity, it’s temporary and pretty short lived. We rarely ever see above the mid 80’s for more than a few days in a row.


Just enough to bring out the black flies if I recall…


Good score on the dog house.
How long does it take to go through 275 gallons with your typical watering schedule?

Ingenious set up Will.
I’m taking notes :pencil2:


Depending on the rainfall we’ll go every 5 days with a half to a whole tank depending on the temp and which veggies are producing fruit. The plot is sloped so we try to put the stuff that requires more water toward the lower end and the stuff that requires better drainage in the area above.

@Countryboyjvd1971 It only looks like autopilot because Mrs. WillD has been out of work healing the broken arm for the past 6 weeks and working in the garden instead! She got the cast of Friday and goes back to her part-time work at the farm this afternoon and back to her full time job at the hospital tomorrow. I will miss having her around.

One of the dry rotting 39 year old OEM tires on my 1978 Gravely 5660 finally failed yesterday. Too much effort to dismount the mowing desk and muscle the beast into the bed of my truck again so we bought a 5x10 Karavan trailer at the HD

and pumped the tire back up to load it onto the trailer. It held air so I finished mowing and as soon as I finished mowing it went flat again. I dropped it off at the shop and found my 7HP Briggs was done so back on the Mighty Mac it goes.

Chocolope Supercop

It’s looking like this whole plot is quite a bit more shady than it was in 2015. Some of these are already showing signs of pre-flower. I’m going to give them blast of veg nutes to try to offset that.


Hi @Countryboyjvd1971 I put the scapes from my garlic plants around my babies It seems to keep the animals away. I can see where the deer are eating the tops off the small bushes and sapplings out there. I also hung a couple of wind chimes near my plants An older farmer told me it will keep the deer away. Haven’t had any other critter problems so far I’m hoping the garlic keeps them all away


Thanks @BIGE!


Woohoo @Willd
Nice trailer makes moving equipment easier for sure :+1:
Plants are looking good
I had to cull my original two gg plant they both hermied? This the temp swings did me in lol oh well life goes on have three other outside to take thier places hahahha
Happy to her mrs @Willd has her cast off and returning back to normal duties :+1: Good stuff
@Zacchara I’ll try the garlic thing but the spray my wife bough seems to be working I heave seen a thing moving around on the back of my property ?
But all methods will be tried


Happy Father’s Day from
AK, Amnesia, Big Bud, Blueberry, bubblegum, chocolope, gold leaf, pineapple, purple, sour D, strawberry and ssh
HA HA HA HA HA My “Girls”


##June 20, 2017

OK it’s been a while since I took a full set of pics. Chlorosis affecting some of them is likely due to too much water. Things really need to dry out some here.
So here we go. In no particular order...


Boy, if that irrigation system isn’t a life changer! Nice looking farm :blush:


I’m with @Sl1 looking great @Willd
Why the hay in the ground to keep soil moist ?


Thanks @Sl1 & @Countryboyjvd1971
dual function mulch for moisture retention and weed prevention


change “Weed” prevention to “wildflower” prevention ha ha ha ha


Sounds good brother
So the squirrels didn’t get me after all all the plants but two came back with new growth :+1: And critters have been staying clear of the garden


good news there John. El bastardo destructo if unchecked.


Who else’s garden is infested with them this season?


I don’t have slugs :snail: yet but been looking for them
I had a friends father that used to bury cups on the perimeter of his garden a few feet apart and he would film the cups up half way with beer ? He swore they couldn’t resist the beer would fall into cups and die ? Just throwing it out there bro don’t know if it works he swore by it


yeah I’ve done a few different things over the years. Beer traps work good. Under a pieces of carpet remnants is another place they will congregate. Then scraped off into a pail with rock salt in the bottom. Suckers are eating some of the more tender sprouts. Most of the Kenn-early yelloweye beans got chomped. The calypsos and pintos are all fine.
After a quick once over inventory of the pantry, we decided we’re not going to bother reseeding and just wait til next year. We use a lot more dry beans in winter for soups and stews and it looks like we’ve got plenty to last through the season. We also scored a few 10 lb cases of Fantastic Natural Foods brand instant refried beans & hummus for pennies on the dollar this past winter, so we’re all beaned up for a good long while.


Yup, beer works on the slugs…when I had my veggie garden I always had a problem with them, but a few cups of beer worked well.


setting snail traps sounds fun!!
half for me,half for the snails!