The ILGM DownEast 12


@willd bugs not bad here or in water but the moment you step into the shade mosquitos - deep woods off is what I use - it’s bad but only a few times a year and the experience of being outside is worth it, IMHO :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Prime campsite very spacious right on N Branch Dead River. Paddled 6 miles directly from here very nice water and scenery!


@Sl1 @Screwauger @Willd
That’s right near our camp at pierce pond going up for several days in July. And then a week in august
Beautiful country so peaceful and no wifi, which my daughter hates!!


A buddy of mine owns a fishing camp on pierce pond.


Looks wonderful @Sl1 great views and the puppies seem to enjoy it them as well hahah
Enjoy the trip


Yes stunning beauty. No protection from biting insects is just not an option. We spray all our overalls, coveralls and bug-net jackets and hats with 30% DEET. Mrs WillD has been experimenting with essential oil but eventually ends up wearing bug-nets and DEET treated outerwear. when it’s all said and done.

We haven’t really explored much interior Maine other than the quick trip to the new Katahdin monument last weekend, but I spent a lot of time walking and crawling all over Mt. Lafeyette in Franconia Notch many summers of my youth. I think that’s where my appreciation for nature was first developed.


Sounds great @Patsbasement. It’s an inspiration for us to build a camp on our woodlot DownEast to trade time at other Mainer’s interior camps.


Hubby and I will be in baxter SP for a week In august, one of many trips there. I love the far north country - last year explore the Debsconeag Wilderness, Namakhanta Wilderness, and Chain of Ponds Wilderness. Really pretty along the US - Canadian Border. Still have to get to the Alligash.


@Smokin_ernie who’s your friend? Might be a cousin of mine!! Not many camps on the lake. I bet I know em!!


I bet you know them as well. The family camp has been around for ages. Not sure I should put his name on here. Don’t want to break any rules.


Is it on an island??


##June 18, 2017

Irrigation is in! Now I can mow the whole yard without spending 30 minutes moving hoses to safety and/or having to weed-whack all the areas I had to avoid with the mower.

The panorama has to be done "just so" or it comes out weird like above.


looks great! smart set-up @Willd!


That panorama shot is awesome!

Oh if I could just get my wife to leave California.


Great use of the dog house!
Is the pump on a timer or switch?


You keep posting all these great photos of your place, and its really making me want to move to some place like that. But then you have to give me a major buzz kill with this post:

My Uncle lives in Eastern Texas and the humidity really sucks there. He tells me I would get used to it, but how do you get used to it if you have to change clothes every hour just to dry out!


Fortunate for us in the Northeast we don’t have humidity like this constantly. Comes and goes. @Rugar89


Your garden is on Auto pilot now @Willd
Nice :+1: Job my brother

I picked this up since I don’t have power on back of property 18v battery powered
Should work fine haven’t tried it yet tho lol


always a joy visiting your garden @Willd :wink:


Changed my mind on my post…


We picked up the dog house last month in someones roadside heap the day before the town’s annual free trash pickup. I just plug the pump into a power strip and keep and eye on it while it runs down. I run a full 275 gallon tank down to 25 gallons. I run about 3/4 of it into the veggies and flowers and the rest into the weed patch.