The ILGM DownEast 12


I have mint but I’ll try the garlic as well and my wife loves garlic lol so win win thanks @Willd
Maybe I need a scareho as well lmfao


Garlic is one of nature’s most potent aphrodisiacs as well. :imp:


Yeah I know, I am 51 and just had a newborn :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Me and missis love garlick …go figure :wink:


Hey guys, when we bought our property 4 years ago, there were deer, chipmunks, bears, coyotes, rats, mice…you name it everywhere…
And bugs too…
Since we moved in 25 chickens, 4 goose, ducks, 2 peackocks, 3 cats and wolfdog…
Nothing within quarter of a mile…

Only the bear is lurking around every once in a while…

Btw , the emden goose hates snakes, they chase away even the rattles…


Oh great now I need to buy a goose lol @Ragnar
10/4 I’m sure it was the squirrels
lol I try a few of theses tricks and hopefully they repel the little beasts lol
Oh and no garlic I’m 46 and don’t want any more kids lol @Willd hahahaha


@Ragnar oh man my girl would go crazy if she knew you owned 2 peacocks! They’re her favorite animal and she has everything peacock! Sounds like an awesome property to me!



Hahaha that’s hilarious!!!


They are so loud , at night it feels like we are in the middle of a jungle…the screeming…
But its awesome watch bird …


I got this. She takes care of chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits…chases deer and coyotes away…a fine Sheppie is my Pemi!


She’s a good girl.
How are the biting insects up there this week?

Mrs WillD has 25 bites running from ear to ear along the back of her neck from a few hours of gardening without protection. I just deet the hell out of my bug jacket thing and wear it anytime I’m going to be outside and moving slower than 1.5 MPH (top speed of the black fly and mosquito).

looks like a nice spot where you set up


@Ragnar lol not @Rugar89 are the peacocks hard to take care of ?
My wife would love them so they handle the cold well ?
Now you got me thinking I want a few my self


I have no idea. I live in the city. I only have 1 dog and one cat. LOL
@Ragnar is the one with the peacocks.


Lmfao my bad brother my bad @Rugar89
You don’t have peacocks in the city ?hahahaha
I’ll edit the post


They take care of themselfs…
In depths of winter they stay in a coop with chickens, other than that they roost on trees on a roof :grin:
They can handle low 20’s upper 10s pretty well…


They have to keep adding ducks to the city park a few miles away. The vagrants keep eating them. No telling what they would do to a peacock around here. LMAO


Lmfao that to funny but not funny at the same time
The homeless eat well on the west coast the ones in NY don’t get duck :duck: or goose @Rugar89


OMG! About fell of my chair! Laughing so hard my eyes are watering! @Countryboyjvd1971


@Rugar89 glad I could make you laugh a bit we all need that
I was laughing hard when I typed it lol


More like Seagull…lol :anchor:


Exactly @Capt_Seeweed lmfao or pigeon