The ILGM DownEast 12


Lol @Willd… Just got it, Scareho … Thought you had typo until I looke at pic again, very funny


Lol @Zombo your funny
Looking great @Willd


Thanks for all the kind words and support.

I got the engine base weldment ordered up for the Mighty Mac this morning.

Credit for the Scareho name goes to my co worker Meff in Plano, TX who accompanies us on our “garden tours” via FaceTime a couiple of times a week. Our original scarecrow was an effigy of him. ha ha ha.

The torrential rains washed some of the dirt out of the DownEast 12’s holes. Mrs WillD just went to Agway to get some more ProMix to mix with some more dirt and fill them back in better. I committed the cardinal sin of adding the ProMix to the holes dry. DUH! :confounded:


It’s a great name @Willd and made me giggle both times I read it hahahaha


##June 14, 2017

Hey Everyone,
Been lax in the posts to the journal. Really enjoyed the time off and grateful for warm weather finally hitting

Spinach, Lettuce, onions, carrots

DownEast 12 SCROG Panorama

Strong line of mammoth sunflowers @ragnar @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @kabongster @darren @Sl1 @BobWags @North_East_Newbie @Screwauger The panorama shot is deceiving because it turns the width into a V shape. The red truck and the pallet compost bin are actually on the same straight line from the street to the back of our lot.


Looking good @Willd glad to see you around brother
Let me ask you a question my friend
How do you control the critters
They ate all my leaves left me with mostly stems ?:frowning:
I think I will lose most of the stuff I planted and would like to save what’s not damaged
So any advice would be appreciated brother


Looking great Mr @Willd my brother, glad you and Mrs @Willd had a nice break, great to have you back and once again you show who is the master with your set up, it’s all in the preparation


Cool panoramic pic of your scrog. They have plenty of space to spread out & fill that screen!
@Countryboyjvd1971, I’d be interested in Will’s advice in critters.
Turkeys & squirrels ate my gardens to death last year.


Yeah i have both near me but I don’t think it was the turkeys I have a fence six feet tall around my greenhouses it was the squirrels I’m sure of it they destroyed my Fig trees as well but they are coming back now @North_East_Newbie


Time for the BB gun…
I haven’t seen as many squirrels this year as last.
Maybe that red fox living in the woods behind my house is taking care of them.


The only problem we’ve had so far is slugs eating about 1/3 of our onion seedlings. Won’t be wasting that effort next time and just plant them from sets instead.
Do you guys have a dog? I’m pretty sure that is a deterrent. I work from my home and because of how I’ve placed my wi-fi and VoIP headset base, I’m out there as much as possible from dawn til dusk. Honestly all I do is when I see any evidence of rodents, I place a couple of those place pac type baits in the area until I see it’s not being consumed anymore. I think because there are so many real farms in my immediate vicinity, they’re feeding elsewhere. I know deer have wiped out an entire planting of 1000 heads of lettuce in a night at the farm where Mrs WillD works. I shoot at any varmint bigger than SuperDog can scare away.

What kind of critters are we talking about?


I sure wish I had that much property to play with. Nice!


OK here’s what my step dad does down in RI where grey squirrels nearly outnumber the masses of humans.
Capture in a Havahart trap then it’s time for swimming lessons by dropping the whole thing into a 55 gallon barrel of water. BB gun can be fun too, but this way is guaranteed to put them out of your misery.

We’re lucky enough to not have a lot of oaks here. I see grey and red squirrels in the more populated residentail areas like Watervillle, Belfast, Bangor, and Augusta all the time but we rarely see them around here.


Thanks buddy wish I could work from home lol
My wife gave me some spray she had bought after the fact of course that I sprayed I think it’s made with urine it definitely stinks like pee lol
That I did spray in and around the green house for now
I’ve been taking the dogs down to the back of the property to do thier business but that didn’t seem to keep the critters away
@bob31 suggested cat litter I’ll try that the cat might as well be useful for something lol
I wa so upset Will
I wa down in the am everything looks great went back to take pictures in afternoon and everything was gone :imp::frowning:
Live and learn I guess
I’ll be dispatching a few of the squirrels on my property since we have a larger population of them and chipmunks
I have a. 22 caliber air rifle I use just for that purpose
Since I can’t use powder in the neighborhood lol


So did they get everything? Veggies and meds alike?
Oh yeah, I pee outside along the tree line too when I’m working out there.
Squirrels can be devastating. My step daughter in Worcester, MA has been “feeding” them hand sown sunflower sprouts every 7-14 days since the ground has been workable.
She keeps replanting them and trying increasingly complex means to prevent the bastards from getting to them before the get big enough to not be appetizing to them. I think she’s on her 6th or 7th attempt.

You can catch several in a havahart and “witch trial” them in batches.


No that’s the crazy thing brother they left the meds alone :+1:
Just my veggies the bigger stuff
I still have some that they didn’t eat because they are still small and my tomatoe plants they didn’t mess with either ?
Guess they started with my lettuce and wanted a complete salad :green_salad: hahahaha?
10/4 @Willd I’ll definitely dispatch a bunch more startedvto last year then my wife felt bad and stopped me but this year she all in
I have a green light I’ll be setting up a blind this coming weekend and getting some scope time hahahaha :+1::smiling_imp:


Thanks. We really lucked out finding it in 2011. It’s 3 acres and about 2 of it is mixed hard and softwood. The garden, yard and house is on just about 1 cleared acre. It’s about a 450’x300’ rectangle


Another good deterrent is cayenne pepper & mild soap in a spray bottle.
spray that on the foliage. This definitely stopped my english setter and my neighbors feral rabbits from eating my garden in California in the 80’s


Thanks I’ll try that smas well I’ll try all and everything till I find a balance I can live with hahaha


So another concept that works well and is holistic is planting strong herbs interspersed with your crops…

Mint, rosemary, dill, and oregano are a few. Most garden pests will avoid area heavy with garlic & onion plants as well
Plant once and never buy garlic again!