The ILGM DownEast 12


Hahaha @Ragnar then I’m in good company lol
I figured the same thing I’ll figure the veggies out
I have separate tents and try not to do to many different strain at the same time to keep confusion down I’m a bit crispy around the edges lmao


If @Countryboyjvd1971, is “a bit crispy around the edges”, then the rest of us must be completely toasted!
:v: :peace: :four_leaf_clover: :evergreen_tree:


##May 26, 2017

Cam 5/25/1957- 7/29/2011 RIP
Yesterday would have been my sister Cam’s 60th birthday. I mention it since she is the first person I ever smoked weed with. She was 7 years my senior and knew how to party back in the day. Anyway, she’s missed by all.
##Drip irrigation system progress
Took some softening of the ends in boiling hot water to get the compression fittings over the slightly oversized OD of the 1/2 pipe
The full length

The node connections

The variable rate emitters (still need to be staked)

Fancy filter with cleanable high density screen on a rain tank that was 100% EMPTY before the rain started last night!


Thoughts and prayers my friend for your late sister
Like the irrigation system buddy I’m jealous :v:️:cowboy_hat_face:John


Thanks man. The best part is the bulk of most of it was found parts or scrounged off Craigslist for free or pennies on the dollar. We still have to put it through the paces to see how well or poorly it all performs before we celebrate, but I think it’s going to be less wasteful of both water and electricity for the pump than the “rainbird” on a tripod rig we use on the veggie garden. If it’s great I may fab some more circuits with the other couple hundred feet of 1/2" I have coiled up behind the garage. It was the first roadside finds I snagged when I first moved here 6 years ago thinking “I might use that someday”.

Cam was also very influential in my early tastes in music.
If I hadn’t encouraged my assistant to take today off to make a 4 day weekend I wouldn’t have stopped working out there until it was all installed and tested. ha ha ha.


Right on brother
I’ve been keeping my eyes out for bulk storage like the ones you have but finding I may need to bite the bullet and drop so on one at agway or Similar type store Great find I keep things as well for future use drive my wife crazy till I use it and she see we save d hahahha
And sounds she was like a cool girl bro :+1:
@Willd you never did answer my question about those signs lol copper plates ???


Sorry @Countryboyjvd1971 John. Stumbled upon them on eBay. The seller purchased too many and was just trying to unload them. they’re copper. I used a dried up Bic pen to emboss their names in my own rustic font.

Just found on Amazon with a nice BOGO offer.
here ya go

50 for $20 is a great deal.


Hell yeah im going to see if they still have them available in a few minutes buddy thanks @Willd


##Weather observations

1.33" rain last 24 hours and currently coming down .19"/hr

It poured buckets at 5AM!

Pretty sure 2.72 is the record rainfall rate here since I mounted this weather station in 2015.


Nice weather for ducks not MJ!


Hi @ Willd

Would you mind sharing the type/brand of that weather station. Looks very nice. TY

Update: looks like a davis instruments…sweet!


It is a Davis Instruments Vantage Vue. We got it to contribute to WGME 13’s Weather Watcher program before we learned it they ran the whole thing through Facebook.
I refuse to consent to data mining and surveillance or submit to social conditioning (“politically correct” term for brainwashing) which is the only legitimate “explanation” for the proliferation of social media.

After being assured anonymity here, I opted to make exceptions in my privacy app config so I can continue to visit, learn, and contribute here in spite of the fact that this site tracks our activity. If I set the slider to red, I cannot access the forum, only the main website.

So now you know. does potentially track your activity on this forum


So what my down south backwoods thinking says, that your saying the man is on us? Bunch of wood watchers😲


Yeah man. There’s really no escaping it if you’re online in any way shape or form.

It’s not so much “the man in D.C.” as the scum on Madison Ave and Wall St.

I’ve been an IT support pro ever since a career path change in 1995. The more pervasive and prevalent the tactic(s), the less obvious & more widely embraced they are.

Text book evidence of “The bigger the lie, the more believers” practice of the Third Reich being repeated against our own citizenry.

You don’t have to live in the woods to notice it, but living >20-30 miles from any population center makes it much easier to see what’s really going on, despite how difficult navigating through these concentrations of mass oblivion can be.

I feel as though I’m looking at society from the outside in when I subject myself to going into town to shop, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One more item for the soapbox of the highly opinionated. Pink. All the Portland SeaDogs are wearing pink jerseys to draw attention to Breast Cancer during today’s game.
Where’s the testicular and prostate cancer celebrations and fundraisers? What color is that jersey?

Kill your TV
*disclaimer - I’m opinionated and critical of blatant displays of stupidity.
The views presented here are my own. Skewed or not.


OMG, yes, the breast cancer thing is Susan g Komen marketing scariness. Taking advantage of the objectification of women to profit from apparent benevolence. You know what kills more people? Colon cancer. Also, 100% of all people have colons, so don’t they deserve fundraising and awareness raising? But colons aren’t​ sexy. Let’s create another reason to talk about breasts. Lungs and testicles and pancreases get cancer. And skin, ffs! But, no. Breasts. Because they’re way more profitable.

If they were really worried about women’s health, they should fundraise for heart disease, which kills more women than all cancers combined. But, again, hearts aren’t​ sexy. Let’s go back to talking about breasts.

That mess is shady.


We dont have TV, for 3 years now, its a blessing…


##May 29, 2017

We took it slow today and stayed in bed until 7 instead of being up at the crack of dawn again to finish our work eliminating flea beatles, getting a handle on the raspberries, install the trellis for tomatoes, getting the drip line all completed for the DownEast 12 fixing up the vintage Mighty Mac chipper we picked up on CL for $300. Carb is flooding and the choke is wonky too.

Here are just a bunch of pics for progress.

Pretty skimpy looking onions

Decent looking lettuce and spinach

New Raspberry Trellises

3 rows. Made from reclaimed oak pallets and new fence posts

Coming back strong after being mowed to the ground in 2015

DownEast 12 Drip and SCROG




Wild Strawberries


Scareho watching over everything


@Willd… Your a busy man for sure!, good luck with all your crops


Great job @wild! You must be putting tons of hours into everything you’re doing! This is my first year doing this. I just moved my plants outside yesterday. Best of luck to you on your grow! I’ll be watching for your pics :smiley:


Yep, you are a farmer, thats for sure…
Looking great brother !