The ILGM DownEast 12


Sounds like a great set up
I set up a rain barrel with a makeshift gutter system it worked well will need to put more time into a permanent set up tho
I’m trying to figure out a way to convince my wife that I need a tractor with back how and pay loader hahahaha it’s been a hard sell once she started seeing prices hahahaha
Anyway I have a 55 gal drum in a trailer to transport water to and from garden for now I fill up and ph at the house and rain barrel when it full helps a lot
They seemed to do well yesterday it was 92 at 4 pm and high temp in green house was 115 with windows and doors open ? I have full air flow that way
No signs of stress on either plant
I may need to invest in a big water storage container and a pump like yourself tho @Willd
I’m only working with a few raised beds right now
But if I got my tractor I’d have a acre or more to plant on
It more of a matter of when not if I buy one lol


The old Gravely 2 wheel walk behind models are a great starter tractor. There’s more steel by weight in the spindles and blades of the mowing deck attachment than most “modern” residential grade sit on riding mowers. Same for the Snow attachment. More steel in the gearbox, auger and impeller than an entire new snowblower engine and all.

They accept dozens of attachments that attach with 4 bolts.
I created our entire garden with it from a field of weeds and wildflowers taller than me.


i like those old gravelys great machines,very versatile…


I might need to look into one of those @Willd
But my back isn’t what it used to be and with a couple herniated discs I need to be careful with how much I try to do
But will check into it since the other way I’m looking at minof $18000 used ? New forget it min of $30000 for what I’m wanting I may need to lower my expectations lmao


You want to avoid these if you have any back health issues. They can really get you sore and wracked up doing more than a few thousand sq ft. An Acre is 43k sq ft more or less.

Our garden is currently <1800 sq ft. but I’ve tilled double that in the past before we got the gardenmats.
I just totaled them up and there are spaces for 1700 plants in that area. Plus close to 300 garlic without mats.


Thanks for the warning @Willd
I’ll continue to look for a tractor for the right price that will work for me I’m. In no rush so I’ll find something eventually
And dam bro that’s a lot of garlic you have a big Vampire problem up your way lol :joy: :v:️:cowboy_hat_face: John


@willd looking really good on the farm, your girls must be loving this heat and sun :heart:


##Truckload of Trichs

Moved them closer to their final destination. Oooh that sound ominous. Thankfully they haven’t a clue what’s in store for them. Muah ha ha ha ha ha

Black flies are absolutely present, hungrier than ever and nothing to mess around with! I forgot to change out of my trunks into the long pants before I started moving things and got 3 bites on my legs within a minute.

I don’t tolerate that crap so I came right in to “suit up” before I could think about completing the task at hand.




Your gonna be trimming till next year’s harvest!!!
Give it hell


Looks great brother, I’ll be following this csnt wait to see those ladies fill out those nets


Looks awesome! Can’t wait to watch them grow.



Will be following along with great interest :nerd_face:


Holy moly buddy your going to have some harvest
Nice job brother can’t wait to see all of the buds you end up with woohoo :raised_hands: @Willd
I may need to volunteer my time to help you take that forest :deciduous_tree: down hahahhaha


Beautiful…that is a garden to watch growing…and unlike so many other outdoor grows, it’s so conveniently located rather than miles off trail deep in the woods.


This is going to be a monster grow…awesome brother !!


##May 24, 2017













So there are 40 heirloom tomatoes with 5 more on the way to make a total of 45.
We’ll post specifics later on those.


@Willd what are those signs made from ? Copper sheets it looks like lol
I like them I could have used them in my veggie garden since I forgot what I planted where lol grrrrrrr
Never smoke and plant seeds lol
I forgot to pick up tags and I figured I’d remember :thinking:
But yeah no
I bow :bowing_man: out of respect for you garden brother
I hope one day I can do the same here in NY


Dont feel bad about your veggies strains confusion, Iam the same way…
I will know what I planted where at a harvest time…:grin:
But my MJ plants is different matter, gotta tag them ( growing too many on a lot sites )


This is going to be grow to remember brother…outstanding !