The ILGM DownEast 12


Hey Thanks @AnneBonny I am a RI native myself and transplanted to Freedom, ME in 2011.
Mine go right in the ground. IMO pots dry out too fast and limit root production. More roots=more fruits!

I got a little over eager and got my seeds in Feb so these got a wicked head start this season. I think you’re good on the timing of May full moon for RI. The majority of my gardening know how was passed down to my by my dad RIP. He’s the happy looking guy in the back. No idea what we were applauding!

We still have a couple of weeks to go since the last of the snowpack only finally receded here a couple of weeks ago.
Today I topped every single bit of new growth that had at least 3 true leaves below it on all 12 plants for the 3rd & last time.

We’re really “just practicing” in 2017 for once we get a commercial license whenever the hell that process opens up here. Seems as though more of our legislators support pushing it further out into 2018 than wish to accelerate the process or stick to a timeline.

Tell me more about your grow and why you call yours 'sad looking".


I think it’s hard not to jump the gun in February when everything is grey (or white) cold and gloomy. This is only my second grow so I see all these photos of green lush plants and mine are yellowing and stretchy which tells me I have a lot to learn. I plan to transplant them to 5 gallon pots today as I think that suggestion that they are suffering due to being root bound is accurate. I will tag you in my journal so you can see what I mean. In my defense (sort of) my grow is to limit the cost of going to a dispensary since the product is so expensive there. In that same vein I don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on lights, fans, tents extra electricity etc so I am using mother nature as much as possible - that will likely have to change.

I am sorry for the delay by the politicians in ME. Here in RI they keep pushing back a vote for recreational and as much as I am thankful that medical is legal they still “punish” the user. By that I mean a dispensary is forced to charge a higher tax on your purchase and if you want to grow your own you are supposed to a buy a tag for each plant at $25 a pop (for tracking/regulation purposes they say). So for my grow it would be $300 which is just sad since most people grow their own to save money. I have suffered with fibromyalgia for over 20 years and when my doctor prescribed pain and sleep meds I didn’t have to pay an extra tax or for a tag to get my meds. Now I can’t take any of big pharma’s meds (which ended up being a blessing in disguise) but its discriminatory and wrong to treat a medication with prejudice. I can’t wait to see how your girls do and will continue to follow along. I have been on here only a few days and have learned a ton and people are so helpful! Enjoy the day!


@Willd my in laws lived Damariscotta till they passed a few years ago…real nice area…:evergreen_tree:


##May 09, 2017














They look perfectly healthy to me. So you might want to considering topping them all to try to get them to “bush out” a little more. It looks like they’re going to be fine. I just have a green thumb, an ideal seedling starting area and a healthy (mostly) obsession with growing the healthiest productive plants I possible can. We live in the heart of one of the most fertile and prolific agricultural regions of Maine. Since I grow in soil I use Pro Mix BX for starting seeds. A lot of growers here use nutrient enriched potting soils and such. I use Pro Mix BX exclusively now. I used to use a similar product called Sunshine #4 Advanced but noticed it was more prone to support mold growth than the Pro Mix, even with a constant airflow.
You’ll want to learn all about supercropping, mainlining and topping to stimulate the growth of more nodes and achieve larger yields as a result.


Thanks. I will look into the topping etc. I don’t think this round is a total loss as I will get some off the plants, just not as much as I had hoped. And I am of the mind that everything can be a teaching moment so that’s what I’m taking away from it.


Oh yeah,
My first couple of attempts were downright pitiful. I’ve learned so much and improved my own techniques over the years that it would be wrong not to share that with all the nice people here. I’ve learned as much since I joined this forum in January 2017 as I did for all other sources over the 10 + years since my first grow.

Part of the reason I FIM and top is because we’re looking to fill out some SCROG this season and make these guys look like rank amateurs


##T Minus 7 days

Shady ladies

Filtered Sun

Hidden Guard

Main drip line

Rest of the parts


Your pup is great never need to worry about the crop with him around lol


##Hardening off

A few leaves got a little sunburned


and Gold Leaf

could give a rat's ass about sunburn.


It happens lol
Over all she looks healthy and happy to be outside @Willd looking great as usual bud :cowboy_hat_face:John


Oh, hey, there’s a name for the process of getting the plants acclimated to the wide world! Learned something already today.:nerd_face:


Thanks John! It’s so great to finally get outside without freezing even if the threatening cold has been replaced by threatening blood thirsty black flies. Hung the bug jackets on the line and sprayed them with DEET for the first time yesterday. Hopefully it lasts for a week per application. Please tag me on the topic where your veg garden stuff is posted. Everyone is exhibiting immediate evidence of growth and preference for the warmer temps.

Sunday’s the big day. So stoked I’ll be able to stop fretting all over them all the time. (until they reach the SCROG) ha ha ha. Giving a whole new definition to “meaningful activity” as therapy.


I will tag you brother not much going on there right yet but I’ll tag you soon
Yeah warm weather is finally here :cowboy_hat_face::v:️:+1:
Happy days brother


##Afternoon Delight

so they are loving the “warm spell” and pushing new veg like ya read about. Thankfully next week is going to be that partly coudy mid 60’s stuff with lows in the 50’s for these babies to really take without too much more stress. Tomorrow is going to be the real challenge. I may have to put them back in the shady protection of the wood shed mid day


Gold leaf is super hardy and resistant , its the best growing out of 20 strains, strawberry cake and spicey white devil are great too…


Looks awesome !!


##Sunny Scorcher 05/18/17

Knowing what they’re in for, I tucked my little chickadees in the garden shed with the doors and windows open for the day

They are itchin’ for LIBERATION from those containers!


I guessing it won’t be much longer before you can plant them permanently
Weather has to be in your favor now even up in Maine bro


Yessiree! Sunday they’ll be ready for their “baptism by soil”. Hope yours tolerate this little blast of heat before it gets seasonable again. I got the rainmaker (impact sprinkler on a 5’ tall tripod, 1/2 portable electric irrigation pump, & 275 gal IBC tote quick connect) all configured for the garden and soaked it from 5:15-6AM in anticipation. Eager to get all the drip irrigation stuff for :evergreen_tree: If it works out well, I may build a similar system for the veggies, but watering 12 pot trees is a lot different than over 1000 vegetable plants.

The rainmaker provides corner to corner coverage the entire 28x54 veggie garden in one shot so idk whether it’d even be worth the investment or not. The water is free. Need to scavenge for a little free dog house to use as a pump house so I don’t have to drag the pump and power strip back into the garage after every use.