The ILGM DownEast 12


I took maybe 20 big trees down when we moved in…and paid to get 3 down near the house ten years ago then I recently took down 3 big trees and lots of lower large branches…what we have left is a nice blend for the area, people move here for the trees. Our one acre lot gives us options, a good garden area isn’t one…the best I can do is a portable 5 gallon pot set up…my green house set up got sun at 7:30ish to about 3…and that changed thru the growing season.

The house served it’s purpose…it’s too big now, we are in a down sizing frame of mind.


7:30 to 3 thats plenty of direct sun for canna, I am planting mine in woods on spots they are in shade by 3 pm, otherwise they will get slaughtered by strong summer mountains sun…


I have grown outdoors in the yard, pounds of buds from my summer grow, and lived off that till the next year’s harvest.

we always get caterpillars, lots of their favorite tree leaf around, oak, but last year was a serious plague of the bugs, along with bud mold setting in.
finally, I haven’t gotten control of the flowering, they always need a few weeks more time but we get freezing temps or tropical storm force winds and rain…

I’m still playing with growing indoors and will forego a summer grow this year…next year I will grow auto flowers outside.


I understand stand that @kabongster
And one day will follow in your foot steps with down sizing lol


##May 3, 2017

All tucked back inside


Back for a cozy night…nice


They look fantastic, @Willd really green and healthy.


##Cindo de Drinko

I personally do not indulge but happy excuse to drink excessively day.
Couldn’t wait until things dry out enough to till with machinery.

175 gal rain collected so far

316 onions planted so far, 136 more to go!

Locations marked for DownEast 12


Exciting times indeed, we here are already all set, all crops in the ground except squash…
Looking good …


All I can see is Agility … two courses…always


Looking good @Willd and Mrs WillD


##May 6, 2017

Bushy Babes - I am going to top them all one more time and get them in the ground mid-week or next weekend. The crummy gray skies predicted for the next couple of weeks should make for a stress free transition.














Hey @Willd you might want to buy a few more of those storage containers for your harvested MJ. OMG


looking good @Willd,good morning!


what a cracking bunch of ladies you have there… fair play to you @Willd


And make sure you have your chain saw in good condition, you going to need it…:slight_smile:


Hardy looking stems on all of them!


So those turds over at (site) suspended hosting of my domains (site) and (site)
in the market for cannabis friendly web hosting if anyone here has any suggestions.


Wow! Totally impressed with those gorgeous plants @Willd . I have so much to learn to bring my sad looking plants along. I’m a few states south of you in RI and was going to put my plants in the ground after the full moon in May which is this Wednesday (my father always swore by that rule so my whole garden will go in then). Do you put yours out in 5 gallon pots or directly into the ground? I put them in the ground last year but wasn’t sure if that was the right thing to do…it seemed natural. Can’t wait for some warm, sunny weather!


So those turds over at suspended hosting of my domains

Seriously? That sucks.


That sucks, there is gotta be some independent hosting somwhere, but Iam sorry its way out of my area of knowledge…
Godspeed brother !!!