The ILGM DownEast 12


I’d very much like to borrow Mrs. WillD…I do believe I know the driving force behind the inimitable Mr. WillD! :wink:


One human :tractor: :ox: :yin_yang: for “what have you”?
I think @kabongster has this forum confused with Yankee Magazine’s Swapper section. ha ha ha ha


What an awesome flick through, love seeing the transformation!


lol…is there any way to rephrase my statement/request? Is there a section for wives in Yankee Mag? So many questions…

I tried to get motivated for outdoor work today but failed…the sun burst out, the humidity was high and the job I started couldn’t hold my interest.


I got tangled up with one of them “modern ones” who doesn’t believe the female of the species should be owned, traded, or borrowed like property. So much for the promise of “stepping back in time” I thought Maine held.

The only thing in my book worse than an male chauvinist pig is a woman who won’t do what she’s told!!!
ha ha ha ha


Tread carefully @Willd lmfao


Growing up with 4 sisters gives a guy “perspective”


I have to get a son to help with the back yard chores…sigh, all it took for my wife was to hear how I dodge a snake :snake: or a frog/toad :frog: occasionally as I mow the lawn and she hesitates to walk out there unless there are lots of people.


Anything that doesn’t get out of the path of the mower shall perish. Period

Tomato hornworms tell campfire stories about how Mrs WillD almost single handed exterminated the entire species back in '14 and again in 2016. Colorado potato beetles too. We stopped growing potatoes and they stopped showing up for the buffet.

The amphibians & reptiles don’t phase her but fuzzy rodents turn her right back into a squeamish girly girl. She grew up on a sheep farm in Barre, MA with 4 brothers and 4 sisters.


my wife has a fear of mice that frightens me for her…I was aware of it too, I saw how it affected her early in dating…she screams…lol, she embarrasses me her reaction at the movies when a mouse or rat shows up, she even refuses to watch “Ratatouille”…very high strung deep seated fear of rodents.


Couldn’t say it better myself.




I got free roaming muscovy ducks , 25 chickens and goose walking about around our house, there are not many bugs surviving the onslaught…:slight_smile:


##May 3, 2017

Real light. Real breeze. Real life!


my wife and I have loved our house in the woods for near thirty years…but when I see what I could grow in a yard that got enough sun that pushes me closer to selling and moving…

You have some very happy plants there.


When my wife found our property , the old cabin was completely in woods…
She bought the property and asked me to log half of the hill before anything else was done …
Now I have garden and she has a house with beautiful view :slight_smile:


Opening up the land is a option @kabongster
One I plan on doing my self one day since most of my property is wooded as well bro
lol like the trees too but a balance would be better lol


We’re still looking to push the tree line back another 50’ to get more unfiltered sun on the plots. After much consideration and preliminary budgeting, we’ve decided we have a really great thing going here that would be impossible to replicate from scratch at our downeast property without breaking the bank. Our goal is to be 100% debt free by the time we’re retired. Developing a lot DownEast doesn’t fit into that plan.

We’re just going to use it as a wood stock and retreat from civilization a few times a year with our vintage VW Kampmobile.
I plan on acquiring a license to grow commercially which may or may not be the gateway to early retirement I envision of a craft cannabis based business. who knows? It might just be enough to fund a plan to retire downeast after all.


We have only 0.14 acre so I do a lot of perennial beds, an herb garden, tomatoes and chard and kale in a small plot, and whole line of sunflowers for the birds in winter.

I’m am now seriously planning on early retirement in 10 years at age 60…would be awesome to begin building a home based cannabis gardener part time career … as more people here in MA embrace cannabis, I envision developing a small client base that I set up with indoor grows then tend them start to finish…may focus on providing this service to busy female professionals with no time but means and the desire to have their own grow but not the work part…just a dream and I have SO much to learn, but a I think I could pull it off.



I am pretty much all in…legal or not, license or not…it makes no difference once I ve made my decission…
I grow currently 20 different strains from heavy hitters to CBD strains…

Once I find a few strains which tolerate this conditions best, I will have grow sites all over our 180 acres…
You guys have great thing going on too, go ahead and follow your dream…
Godspeed !