The ILGM DownEast 12


New goal in line with the Outdoor SCROG Challenge is to have these ladies shoulder high by May 20th

Once I get the onions out of here I’m going to dose these 12 with a little superthrive and raise the light height and increase the ON time to get some vertical stem growth so I don’t cripple myself being bent over every plant filling and harvesting from waist high screens.

I also have a feeling these 1 gal pots are become a little root bound with a lower light cycle after hearing between 12/12 and 14/10 is best for root development so focusing growth above the roots will probably help to avoid from that from happening too.


##April 8, 2017
So I did FIM the whole lot of them earlier this week. They were all thirsty this morning. Not root bound in the 1Gal yet but I believe they’ll be movin on up to 3 gal before I water them all again. As I’m typing I just figured out how to tap into my cold water and use my Dramm wand to water down there instead of lugging old #10 up & down the stairs. On another note, I’ve abandoned the LST for now since I can foresee crippling myself being bent over for extended periods trying to fill 500 sq ft of knee high scrog and then harvesting it all. I need these as tall as I can get them between now and Mid May so I don’t debilitate myself trying scrog for the first time.
















Thoughts from the Morning Garden

Getting big brother and looking good
Your definitely going to need to get them in bigger pots soon lol
Monsters when you finally put them out in the sun :+1::v:️:cowboy_hat_face: Woohoo
Peace bro John


Yeh,super healthy and bushy!


Beautiful, just beautiful…
They will be monsters when they get to grow under the sun…

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued

I envy your climate! We are already in the low to mid 80’s at 2-4 in the PM. It goes down to low 50’s at night. Soon (end of May) we will be over 70 even at midnight. In mid to late summer, it is over 80 even early in the AM and daily highs in the high 90’s to low 100’s ! Still wonder why I hate Texas ???

I am not really sure if I can grow in the summer without major shade for part of the day. I know Sativa is supposed to be a warm weather plant but will they survive in that heat? Any opinions ??


That is a awesome tent setup youve got, cant wait to see it scrogged out to every inch spare inch!
@TxGrowman this is my second year with ilgm beans, and its the second year in a row that we’ve broken a summer heat record. between 90-110 for weeks at a time and almost the whole summer, they’ve still grown amazing in a lot of full sun. If youve got the option of growing close, then they would appreciate shade on those hotter days, but id say you’d be fine to grow in extremely hot climates based off what I’ve been through


For hot weather I would recommend Afghan strains crossed with Colombian strains. That’s probably you’re best option for the temperatures you’re describing.



Sounds a lot like Georgia along with sweltering humidity


##April 11, 2017

Nothing much to report other than we cleaned out our seasonal root cellar yesterday to regain full access to the bulkhead that I’ll use to move these lovelies in and out to harden off starting in another month.

I didn’t take these in alphabetic order like I usually do since no major actions have been undertaken since the 8th.


Looking great buddy keep up the good work my friend


Thanks John!
As much as they like their indoor home, they want to see those walls & ceiling disappear! Thankfully inherited Dad’s green thumb!


Lookin good brother


They will get there chance in due time then they can streach there legs proper lol


Thanks man.
Got the preliminary outdoor SCROG layout on paper over the weekend.
Pinapple Haze supposedly has an extra long flowering time so I put her way back where 12/12 is going to happen first because of the treeline. The Strawberry Kush is 55 days so I put her where the shade hits 12 hours last.



I believe you’re gonna have your hands full with at least that SD. Have you checked out the journal for mine and saw how she took the supercropping she had yesterday then a light out and today how both branches I did are looking. Haha


##April 12, 2017

Happy Humpday
Very impatient but doing things a little bit at a time.
Getting the 3 gal pots ready with some crushed stone so all my ProMix doesn’t run out the drain holes.

Moving the lights closer to let them focus on healing from FIM before I make them stretch for the Outdoor SCROG Challenge


##April 12,2017

So these are the last pots these beauties will see until they’re unbound in another 6 weeks to stretch and bend and fill the giant holes they will occupy in the earth.


Looks gorgeous !!!


##April 14, 2017

Wind damage from the fan when those leaves were the tender tops