The ILGM DownEast 12


Wow :flushed:
I’m glad I don’t see that outside my door lol
I’m welcoming spring here
So yeah your Girls will be huge when you finally get them into the sun :sunny:


The farm across the street where all that snow in my yard came from is almost entirely bare as are most of my neighbor’s yards and and 75% of the hayfields around here. We’re situated such that the prevailing NWN just blows it all into our yard every time we get a storm. By the same token a stray leaf never lays in our yard and a 7 year old leaf rake in near mint condition hangs in my garage barely used.
I’m tempted to scrape it off with my Gravely walk behind but I don’t want to get it stuck in mud.
Another few days of above freezing highs in a row will make quick work of it.


Well that’s a plus then @Willd hahhha


don’t trust that Spring smell in the air…last year, even tho it was May and above freezing, there were enough nights in the 30’s low 40’s to stress smaller plants that I put out.


I’m not rushing outside bro yet
just have my arms open and giving a big hug to spring buddy
And looking forward to warmer weather :blush::+1:


So the ladies are adapting nicely to a little LST. The radius of the tomato hook is a little a little small so I may need rethink using them if I can’t warm them up and bend them open a little















As always looking great bro


Thanks John. Hoping the snowpack melts sooner than later. All the folks in RI and CT who planted the garlic we gave them last fall are seeing them poking through the mulch already! Mine are still buried under 6" of snow.

They’ll all be sweating their asses off this summer while we might break 85° for a total of 7-14 days all summer long. This spring’s average temps way up here are supposed to be significantly above average though so we’ll see.



Wow that’s not many hot days for you then where are your summer temp normal low 80s?


Yeah something like that. Mid 70’s -low 80’s
A heat wave here is >3days over 85 I think, but it DOES get oppressively humid for weeks at a time though.
For example Ambient Temp=79° F RH=98-99% Dew Point differential is <5°F lower than Ambient Temp.
And not a raindrop falls. Just oppressively moist air.
We don’t use AC or a mini-split or anything either but the Minka-Aire ceiling fan upgrades last winter made a huge improvement.


Wow that’s some good humidity
I’ll take heat over humidity any day brother
You can always find shade to cool you off no hiding from humidity
I’m spoiled being an HVAC guy
I run mine once it gets over 80 degrees out and I leave mine on till fall comes around
I’ve gotten used to climate control lmao


All my neighbors have some kind of climate control. I just go outside an cool down under my outdoor shower for couple of minutes a few times a day and drip dry before I go back to the keyboard. ha ha ha It’s a solution.

The building in Manhattan where the outfit I work headquartered shuts down every weekend once temps exceed 80 in an attempt to save money on cooling.


That’s crazy brother
I’m pretty sure they spend more doing that in the end ?
I understand a weekend or night set back on temps maintaining 80 degrees when build is empty but off is crazy
I used to take care of most of the big financial companies hear on NY and one of them used to do the same thing on weekends and holidays but it never failed the server rooms would struggle to keep up because the offices would reach 95-100 degrees with all the glass and what not
And then your server room is located in the core of an oven hahahaha
I got a lot of double and triple time out of the because tried to save a few $
Ac guys are like crack dealers we get you hooked and don’t let go hahaha


I couldn’t agree more about maintaining a constant temp being a more efficient energy consumption model.
We don’t own the building so have no control over it.

Our data centers are co-located off site. The only overheated resources you’ll find at our offices in NYC are the staff.


Hahhaha yeah well if they complained to me about the heat it would fall on deaf ears
After 25 years of people complaining how hot it is I don’t hear it anymore they never considered I was never in a place with ac because nobody ever call thier HVAC guy and say you need to get over here right now the AC is working Great :+1: hahahha


Service pros certainly could use more feedback from their customers who’s systems function flawlessly.

You’d never know my outfit served over 1500 customers because we tend to only hear from the same dozen or 2 end users who are just never going to “get it” no matter how we try to drive it home.


Wow @willd that is a really cool indoor Grow tent!,


Thanks @Sl1. I’m really pleased with how its working out. They are so ahead of schedule to get outside. I got a little over excited after stumbling upon ILGM seed bank and started them about a month earlier than I normally do. I’m going with half as many as I did in 2015 so I thought it would give them a chance to get bigger for transplant time. We grew micro salad greens in there until the mj got so big it just wasn’t feasible any longer.
We’ll be harvesting fresh greens from our friend’s high tunnels up the road in just a few more weeks anyway.
If we spent $50 on store bought salad greens this year I’d be surprised

I love growing marijuana! I love growing food!


I love anything that helps me be self sustaining, i never thought I’d become an urbanite, but am committed to doing what I can in small ways - bike commuting or public transportation, growing veggies and cannabis, collecting rainwater and composting. Hoping got get solar panels on the house soon!


Sounds great. Every does their part to contribute. So nice to see a resurgence spreading from the rural areas into the population centers.

Still have yet to see full ROI on the Solavore Sport oven we upgraded to last spring but the original Sun Oven owes us nothing.
Solar cooking is a good way to save above and beyond the obvious savings of cooking at home instead of dining out.