The ILGM DownEast 12


Oh yeah I forget you use a trimming machine don’t you, glad you’re all safe now and got your Internet back up and running


Almost there

Still have a whole STRAWBERRY KUSH and 10 sticks of SUPER SILVER HAZE to trim and weigh up. Here are the bud totals so far.

AK-47 = 110 = 3.92
AMNESIA HAZE = 242 = 8.64
BIG BUD = 312 = 11.41
BUBBLEGUM = 264 = 9.42
GOLD LEAF = 408 = 14.57
PINEAPPLE HAZE = 256 = 9.14
PURPLE HAZE = 274 = 9.78
SOUR DIESEL = 294 = 10.5

TOTAL = 2160 = 77.14 = 4.82


Well, a years worth anyway!

Holy crap @Willd That’s a stash Dewd…

Taking an average, the SK could be 11.92zips or potential total of 5.57lbs!!! WooHoo :tm:


very nice totals so far! Woo hoo!™

In retrospect you can see the definitive victors in the strains. I’d be planning my grows based on the best of the best and the strains that didn’t preform like we wanted, I’d leave them for future inside grows. Just my thoughts of course. Hats off good sir!


Omg Mr @Willd ,that’s an amazing harvest, well done you for all your hard work, it certainly paid off,oh yeah I have news, I’m getting a mechanical trimmer to now, based on you my friend :wink:



subtract 418 for the bucket


mmmmm…strawberries in November :yum:


Can you give me a closer look at the strawberry buds bro, my kush grew totally different you see,oh sorry forgot to say well done brother, you did well again bro


@Willd Just looking for clarification, that 14g of keif is from the (middle photo) 5 gal bucket of trim?!?


Yeah I was thinking the kief came from the sugar leaves but does that mean your splitting them for hash and canabutter to?


Killin’ it Mr. @Willd


No the 14 grams of keif is what I pulled out of the bowl trimmer after carefully dumping all the leaf into the 2 gallon bucket. I brush down the side with a camera cleaning brush and then put it in a sifting jar. This is why I let my buds dry before trimming. I will get another 8-10 to more grams of bubble hash from that bucket of trim.


Im going to need to plan a road trip so I can get some hand on training lol :joy: man I wish lol. I have so much to learn about more efficient harvesting…


oh yeah ,nice ,so i should get that with my electronic trimmer ? so have you got any close up shots of your strawberry kush as mine grew nothing like yours and has no real chunky buds to speak of ,@Willd I might be getting the wrong trimmer cos mine ain’t a bowl it’s pretty expensive electronic one that you roll your bud on, I didn’t order it, it’s a present,she just thought go for the most expensive, it saves me and it’s a good investment as it’s going to get plenty of use


5.22 lbs of nuggets from 9 of 12 plants. A little over 1/2lb per plant on average if my observations have been accurate. Of course, pounds of “duff” equates to miles and miles of stonage!

Great Harvest @Willd


I need to be cashing in on the duff. It takes hardly any of it when smoked and it launches you into space. great stuff.


Idk @daz49 Mine’s not electronic. I retrofitted the crank on mine with a 14mm socket & portable drill.
As long as you can place a big bowl under it, that should work.
FYI- my STRAWBERRY KUSH was kinda fluffy too. NOT at all like the rock hard nuggets PURPLE HAZE or GOLD LEAF produced.


I make my oil & butter from bud. I don’t use the leaf for anything other than making hash. Remember, I harvested close to 4lbs of leaf in addition to close to 6 lbs bud. That leaves me with plenty of stock to work with. I don’t do the butter & oil so much these days b/c of the calories & heartburn that greasy food tends to initiate. I also have one of those addictive personalities, so a batch of edibles goes way quicker than it should. I love food but food doesn’t love me so much any more. It wants to hang around on my skeleton. My will power for sweets has gotten better over the years, but I am still a weakling resisting that stuff.


Thanks my brother, I appreciate you getting back to me and answering my questions, yeah I’d say my strawberry looks similar to yours bro, thanks for all your help


That’s what this brotherhood/sisterhood is all about. My pleasure.