The ILGM DownEast 12


looks like you really got it cooking my friend well done ,today is 2 days since i split the stems so move them the 2 of into the dark room for 2 more days with mine


I was just telling my pal in TX how that stem splitting can raise the THC content. I’m sure the ones that went longer after the split gained more trich bulk for sure just by looking at them under magnification. I wish I’d intentionally taken before and after shots. The Pineapple Haze really works well. I still feel very high from the 3 hits I took 10 minutes ago. Sorry been without Internet for a few days. I will make and post youtube video when I make the next batch of bubble hash if you haven’t figure it all out yet.


You have so much choice now, well done my friend you’ve done really well, you worked hard for it and did really well, I will be doing some after shots of all the trichomes on the buds on mine later


Very nice looking Kief nugget. I bet that hit was awesome. @Willd glad to see you back on after no power. That happens. Glad you weathered well!


Ratchet clamp, I’m pissing right now lol @Willd


Big Bud lives up to her name.

12 grams of dry keif

296 grams duff

312 grams bud

@Screwauger @Tylan @Patsbasement @70sChick @Buck3

Need some help picking some new strains , outside grower , New England Climate

What is it your calling duff ? Is it sugar leaves?did you make the kief from the sugar leaves or the small buds? Looks great again my friend, I’d love to come for a smoke on that with you actually to have a smoking party and try it all out


yessiree @daz49


all the keif is what is left in the trimmer bowl after dumping all the sugar leaf out. It was quite a bit with this one.
All that “duff” is the sugar leaf and really skimpy buds that get shredded as they pass through the grate.
I’ll use all that to make bubble hash. I usually press the pile of dry kief into a nugget with a clamp, but I might leave this batch all loose to sprinkle into joints. The main reason I compress it is because it’s so easy to spill it & make a giant mess with it when it’s loose. It sticks to anything and everything. Ha ha ha.


Oh yeah I forget you use a trimming machine don’t you, glad you’re all safe now and got your Internet back up and running


Almost there

Still have a whole STRAWBERRY KUSH and 10 sticks of SUPER SILVER HAZE to trim and weigh up. Here are the bud totals so far.

AK-47 = 110 = 3.92
AMNESIA HAZE = 242 = 8.64
BIG BUD = 312 = 11.41
BUBBLEGUM = 264 = 9.42
GOLD LEAF = 408 = 14.57
PINEAPPLE HAZE = 256 = 9.14
PURPLE HAZE = 274 = 9.78
SOUR DIESEL = 294 = 10.5

TOTAL = 2160 = 77.14 = 4.82


Well, a years worth anyway!

Holy crap @Willd That’s a stash Dewd…

Taking an average, the SK could be 11.92zips or potential total of 5.57lbs!!! WooHoo :tm:


very nice totals so far! Woo hoo!™

In retrospect you can see the definitive victors in the strains. I’d be planning my grows based on the best of the best and the strains that didn’t preform like we wanted, I’d leave them for future inside grows. Just my thoughts of course. Hats off good sir!


Omg Mr @Willd ,that’s an amazing harvest, well done you for all your hard work, it certainly paid off,oh yeah I have news, I’m getting a mechanical trimmer to now, based on you my friend :wink:



subtract 418 for the bucket


mmmmm…strawberries in November :yum:


Can you give me a closer look at the strawberry buds bro, my kush grew totally different you see,oh sorry forgot to say well done brother, you did well again bro


@Willd Just looking for clarification, that 14g of keif is from the (middle photo) 5 gal bucket of trim?!?


Yeah I was thinking the kief came from the sugar leaves but does that mean your splitting them for hash and canabutter to?


Killin’ it Mr. @Willd